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a weird thing happened on my way to work


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you'll never believe it, but i was driving along and a whole bunch of cars were on the onramp and the people in the middle lane moved over to the left, and the people in the slow lane moved to the middle lane and no one slowed down.

it happened so nicely that i was absolutely shocked.

why can't every drive to work be like this? there wouldn't be any traffic if people weren't fuckin idiots

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Originally posted by CC
there wouldn't be any traffic if people weren't fuckin idiots

The sad thing is that it's the 10% idiots that ruin it for everyone--including themselves-- just because they are stupid.


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Originally posted by Tearer

My car got smashed.

mine did too, right before xmas. I was trying to get out of that lane too. well shucks. I'll be more aggressive switching lanes from now on.


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only one solution: autopilot must be installed in all vehicles

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