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A Website for Anonymous Confessions

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member

A rather strange website that allows people to make anonymous confessions. You can't reply or anything, just read what other people need to get off their chest.


"i have a weird fetish for green socks. my usual habits are filling one with caster oil and slipping it on my penis.
i stick the other one up my anus. i then rock myself to climax."

I'm sure some are bullshit but some seem oddly compelling.
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I put a confession about finding David Hasselhofs music particularily good, but they said there were 12,000 other confessions to post before they got to mine. Now they have a search feature, and it had allready been posted multiple times.

All the posts now are
- I like this girl but cant tell her
- I slept with my flatmates boyfriend
- I hit a girl with down syndrome with a sword

So repepititive.