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A Tune For Your Review...


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I come bearing a tune for your review.

Artist: Demon Killa
Title: Burn It Down

Bio: From the darkest corner of the earth comes Toronto's next step in breakbeat production. Demon Killa has been producing rough beats for quite some time, but has just recently brought down his BPM to the realm of breaks. His style is characterized by hard beats, and dirty, next level basslines. If you're at a club and you're hearing bass that you've never heard before, it's probably the Demon Killa...

Now, as far as this tune goes, this is the toned down, dancefloor version of a tune that was dubbed "way to dark" by many local breakbeat enthusiasts. After a serious rework, the new version took shape. This remix still has the power of the original, but with a more dancefloor-friendly feel utilizing more familiar sounds and tones.

I'd like your opinions of the tune.

Download the MP3: Right Click Here and Download to Disk.

(FYI: I am NOT Demon Killa, contrary to popular belief. I'm just a supporter of his work.)


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I love this track!
It's dark and is full of energy
And it's got a sweet bass line
Pretty much it's got everything I look for in a breaks track



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"Demon Killa" never ceases to amaze me, in every genre he continues to put out bangin tunes.
U gotta love his basslines, in both DnB and breaks.

He's a perfect example of sumone who takes music to another level.


The Electrician

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Wow... this is a great track... IMHO I feel that the drums could be a little harder..., a phater kick with the kit a little more driving... but this is a great track.... I would play this if released for sure...
Great bassline.....

Nice one...

justin surdit

TRIBE Member
I have to agree with Wes - the drum kit seems a bit thin - the bassline is nice, but to my ear, it seems to be missing a small element that ties it all together.........another synth arpeggio tossed in maybe, or something along those lines - great breakdowns, good sequencing on the drum work

good shit - will definately pick this one up, if the mastering is clean on the release - any ETA on when it's coming out?
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i agree with justin surdit, it IS missing a hook or a catch. i think there's too much reverb on the drums, and the bass/snare overpower all the other percussion. this all makes it sound more like a slowed-down, dark dnb track than a breaks track and i'm not sure if it was intended that way or not.

definitely well done though. :)

Angus Robinson

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hey dan.. can you do me a favour and put this track back online? I never got a chance to hear it. I'll put it up in the torontobreaks.com producers section. (Massive redesign coming soon!)