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A Trip Down Memory Lane - My Farewell to Vinyl


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For the last couple months now I just haven’t been buying any vinyl I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I probably won’t be adding much more to my collection. So I thought while I wait for my cdjs to arrive I could take a trip down memory lane and share with my fellow TAs and Trance Room Tribers some of my favorite tunes from my six years of collecting records.

So starting today and continuing next week I’m going to count down my top 20 favorite vinyls of my collection. I tried to do a top 10 but it just wasn’t possible! Some will be old, some will be new, some will be cheesy, but they will all be songs that have been special to me over the years.

I’m going to air the sets on my show on 1groove.com but if anyone is interested I’ll host the sets after for download.

Since the set was based purely on a ranking system I tried to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

So here we go…

Week 1: 20-11

Artist: Somnus Corp
Track: Sistema de fe
Mix: Original
Label: Intrinsic Records
Comments: A newer tune in my collection, I love the bass and that big snare.

Artist: Antix
Track: Le Lascard
Mix: D- Nox and Beckers
Label: Iboga
Comments: Another rather new track. I can’t pin point exactly what I love about this tune as nothing in particular really stands out. Its just pure all around quality.

Artist: Li Kwan
Track: Point Zero 2004
Mix: Lost Tribe
Label: Darey Products
Comments: The first release off Matt Darey’s label and probably the best. A great high energy tune that’s a remake of an old classic.

Artist: MMDC
Track: No More Rain
Mix: Shane 54 Refill

Label: Vandit
Comments: I first heard this tune on the PVD mix-mag CD and fell in love with it. I played it at my first WEMF in 2004 on the new talent stage and it always brings back fine memories of that weekend-where I first really got a chance to party with TOTAs

Artist: Jose Amnesia
Track: The Eternal
Mix: Nu NRG
Label: Vandit
Comments: You can’t listen to this record and not feel happy.

Artist: The Quest
Track: C Sharp
Mix: Original
Label: React
Comments: Classic trance at its finest. Another one that you can’t help but feel happy when you hear it, epic goodness.

Artist: Push
Track: Strange World 2000 Remake
Mix: Original
Label: Bonzai
Comments: Who could forget about MIKE. Great record and an even better build-up!

Artist: ATN
Track: Miss a Day
Mix: Original
Label: Mondo
Comments: Another stormer from the summer of 2004. The ass kicking synth in this one gets me every time. I think that 2004 was the best year for trance since the 98/99 days.

Artist: Solar Stone
Track: 7 Cities
Mix: Solar Stone’s Liquid Summer
Label: Lost Language
Comments: A classic tune that’s one of my fav’s. I think every trance fan knows and loves this tune.

Artist: Kamaya Painters
Track: Endless Wave
Mix: Original
Label: Blackhole
Comments: I don’t care how dated or cheesy this record sounds. I will always love it. It just makes me happy whenever I hear it. Great bass line and a nice melody.

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:D thats fuckin awesome dude.... some of my old records will possibly in there im assuming... cheers dude... will be a thing of beauty cant wait to hear the rest of it....


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I'm thinking of just buying a bunch of plastic's, say 1000.. putting all my fav's in plastic, then selling or whatever the rest.. that way i'll have a 1000 awesome records.
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The playlist wasn't working last night, but I just checked it. That's a lot of J '00' in the final 10, certainly not the tracks I was expecting.


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yeah sorry about that..here is the second half of the playlist...if anyone wants copies, pm me.

Week 2: 10-1

Artist: John 00 Fleming
Track: Lost in Emotion
Mix: Digital Blonde
Label: React

Artist: Criss Source
Track: Hugs N Kisses
Mix: Original
Label: Global Underground
Comments: I’ve loved this tune since the very first time I heard it, and I don’t think I have stopped listening to it since then!

Artist: John 00 Fleming
Track: Tour de France
Mix: Original
Label: J00f
Comments: Classic J00f. Since WEMF 2004 John 00 has really become a hero of mine.

Artist: Balearic Bill
Track: Destination Sunshine
Mix: Original
Label: Xtravaganza
Comments: This is the first trance song that I ever fell in love with. It was the intro track on an old demo of DJ Soundstream’s, a trance DJ from back in the Toronto rave days.

Artist: Vengaboys
Track: Kiss
Mix: Airscape
Label: Positiva
Comments: The greatest build-up in the history of trance! I a friend just recently hooked this up for me after I had been looking for it for years.

Artist: John 00 Fleming vs MIKE
Track: Dame Blanche
Mix: Miika Kuisma
Label: J00f
Comments: Two trance heavy weights coming together with Miika on the remix. Love the flow of this tune, from right after the main breakdown until the lead out breakdown is pure musical genius.

Artist: Ecano
Track: Run
Mix: Z2
Label: Avant Garde

Artist: The Digital Blonde
Track: Gothica
Mix: Original
Label: J00f
Comments: So such a sweet tune. SO dark, SO evil, SO good!

Artist: Ticon
Track: In the Dirt
Mix: Original
Label: Digital Structures
Comments: Probably my favorite song right now. It may end up being my favorite of all time. But right now, I just don’t have the emotional attachment that I do for the next, and number one on my list….

Artist: The Digital Blonde
Track: The Legato
Mix: Original
Label: J00f
Comments: I first heard this track on a video on the internet for Aria in Montreal. There are so many things that I love about this tune; the way it mixes in, the groove, and that ever so satisfying breakdown.


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SneakyPete said:
The playlist wasn't working last night, but I just checked it. That's a lot of J '00' in the final 10, certainly not the tracks I was expecting.

yeah, i like j00f/digital blonde alot.