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A Tribute to Acid House @ SYP

Arthur Oskan

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Hey All,

I just wanted to post a great thanks to all who showed up for this event.

Personally, I've haven't seen a unified techno crowd like the one I saw last night, in a very long time. Everyone got back to their roots and felt the elements; smooth, rough, tight, loose. Perfections and Imprefections. Raw, unprogrammed & live.

Playing alongside Derrick topped it. It's not often I meet artists that are so in tune with themselves and allow the music and energy to bring out the true soul of techno. I stood in amazement much like yourselves. My live feed was a third channel on his mixer to which we were goin' back and forth; most of the time riding all three! 2decks + a live feed. Incredible work.

Gerald took it all home some classic Armani, Poindexter, and many others...Jesus. All the records I love.

Ok, and now for all you gearheads....


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Lots of snakes and cables...

...no laptop & no midi

Thanks go out to all involved and all supporters.



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The acid house night was all about the dancefloor, and the men behind the gear. And because of both, I had such a great night.
The crowd was wonderful, and Derrick and Arthur were amazing.
What a great jam. DiRtY acid beats !
I'll be back to check this night out again.
I was home before Gerald went on ( early night ) , but heard all about it from my left behind friends.
Overall, YES YES YES !!!

--- Jenn

Destro Sanchez

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it was fun.

sound highlight of the night was Geralds whole set and when Dez and Arthur were layering Rob "Vision" Hoods "_Detroit_" track over top of Arthurs live PA.

talked more than I danced this time.

came back the next night for Fuckfaces. Which was equally as fun. :D

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~NurSe JibZ~

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Originally posted by HouseHeadSacha
i saw you there jibz...ahhahaah
i was gonna say hi but you disappeared in the bathroom...
omg...i was totally hoping you would follow me so we could make out....
did you happen to see my bump into the decks as well?? oops...



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finally getting to this....

thanks to everyone who participated in this event! Especially Arthur for breaking out all the gear! A fun night was had by all, and it was really exciting performance from Derrick and Arthur - we'll have to do that again. I know Derrick really enjoyed battling it out with you!

The next event is in the planning stages - we'll see what happens with the next installment of

An Evening of...