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a thread to celebrate POCKY!!!!


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its delicious its fun and the boxes rock :D


hoorah for pocky!!

p[l]a+0 <--wishes he had some pocky right now :)
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I hear you!
I used to take japanese lessons as a kid and my teacher always had these for us if we did well on a test.
I used to always get them from the japanese kids at school to. everyone wanted them but I got them cause I could comunicate in japanese to get them :D
Aw the good ol' days.


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yes yes!!

pocky background!!

set as wallpaper, then go to screen properties to tile it


and hello kitty too :D


mmmm..flan pocky

flan rocks too...damn cravings!! am i pregnant!?

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My fave, because it's just for us MEN! It's about time!


When i was in highschool i worked in a grocery store that carried all of the pocky... and you can bet i sampled them all!! including the giant pocky... no way I'm paying $12 for a box of giant pocky, when i can sample it for free... the beer pocky was also pretty interesting, but I don't think there was any beer in it....
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Mmmm... well, i had a 'hello panda' problem for a little while


each tasty hazelnutty chocolate-filled cookie decorated with a different delightful and amusing image of hello panda.

luckily i nolonger have a job where i work upstairs from an asian convenience store..
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