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A question for the Kitchener/Waterloo massive


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Tricky kid:
kix you coming to felicitys tonight???</font>

It's possible...

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The Purple room is my personal favorite. Matlock always lays down a nice hard hitting set. Issac S. is alright as well. I've had some crazy days since turning 19 and going there on my birthday 2 years ago... Crazy times indeed



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Metal Morphosis:
looks like i might be moving to k-w very soon...
this thread has been helpful... as i'm dreading nightlife outside of toronto, but this has given me hope...


Why ya movin to K-W? I'm trying to get outta here and move to Toronto!


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in about a month i make my return to the purple room

abstract was fun when they had good nights...years ago. have no idea what they're doing now. meh.

theres a nice jazz bar in waterloo ive been meaning to check out...

as for chaos
would matrix = chaos?
never been to either...just heard of matrix being some club on the downlow as well.

p[l]a+0 &lt;-- IneeDs for deep dish.
anyone know someone!?
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I personally can't stand the Purple Room, only because it feels like a stupid sideshow for the rest of the Revolution...I go for the Speed night and that's about it.

I really enjoy Lee and Darryl's night at Jane Bond. Jane Bond makes some of the best vegetarian pizza and bruschetta around, and the good food combined with good beats makes for a fun evening.

I try to go to as many parties in KW as I can, which isn't usually a whole lot (unless you count last weekend).

When I was in school it was all about Abstract on Thursdays and then later Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph. But even back then there were fairly regular parties happening all over town.


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I think K-Town is going to make a resurgance soon.

This whole Deep Dish thing is a good thing. Rev gets 3 Benson and Hedges events each year out of this and you can bet they'll be HUGE.

I'm also starting to think I may get my hands back into promoting. The problem with this town is it bores quickly and people don't show up and support on a consistant basis. Somehow I have a feeling this is changing though as more of the younger people coming to this town for school are more educated on electronic music.

Anyway, if anyone has some suggestions for venues, please email me at slamwerks@hotmail.com

It's been years since I threw my last Slamwerks shindig!



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There was a murder in the King Centre parking garage last night.

There are a tonne of cops around there. They have the whole block taped off. They're searching the area for a weapon & evidence.

They won't tell us (ckco) anything.. but it's so obvious a body was found.


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Maybe it wasn't a murder.. but someone got stabbed or something. Forensic ID is at the hospital, so maybe the victim's living.
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