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A Question for the K/W peeps


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Okay ... since when is Rev so fucking popular on a friday night?
I remember being able to show up there anytime of the night and just walking in on fridays
Then I go last night around 11 (I must admit I don't think I've been there on a friday for 2 or 3 years) and there is this huge line!
I couldn't believe it ... I've never seen a line that big before at Rev
Of course I didn't get in ... cause after about an hour of waiting in line me and my girlfriend got bored and decided to go home and watch snowboarding videos ... but anyways ... is every friday like that?



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iono, i never go on friday - i don't care to thug myself out to go. but from what i've heard it is very popular.



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ya from what i've seen its always busy on fridays....

last saturday when i was there it was DEAD.. but then again so was I :)



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Yea I usually don't even think about going to Rev ... any night of the week ... but a friend of mine was spinning in the Purple Room and I wanted to check it out



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I was there last night...and yes the line ups on Friday nights are crazy busy..
To get in before 11:00 you have to get there around 10:20...and I was watching they let people in so slowly..probably so they can make $5 off everyone?

Last friday I went with a couple of my friends..and we waited for half an hour and then left..it's ridiculously busy.


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