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A question for the digital artists and designers

Boss Hog

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I do a lot of work in Photoshop and I have a background in illustration. I've been using a mouse to do all of my PS painting and brush work for years, but I want to get back to a more intuitive method, like using a stylus or something that represents more of a pen-like medium.

I go back and forth between a Macbook Pro and a Dell, and I'm not sure if I want to go with a graphics tablet or jump into something like an iPad.

I'm just looking for tips from more experienced people as to what they use; what's more intuitive, practical, fast, and creates the best results.

Portability would be a plus, but then I'd need storage space too.
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What do you want best results for? Are you planning to do it professionally or is it just a hobby?

I would get a Macbook, yeah you would have to pay for software, but you do miss on cool innovative software like Sketch and Omnigraffle.

I can't advise on stylus.

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Boss Hog

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I have a Macbook Pro.

I guess you could say it's a professional hobby. It supplements my regular income.

I spoke to a friend of mine who's a comic book artist by trade, and he advised against an iPad just because it only runs a stripped down version of Photoshop and it's not as powerful as I might like.

Ideally I'd like to spend no more than $500...

DJ Vuvu Zela

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i prefer to work with macs, so i run a wacom intros and a wacom cintiq on mine.

if you're serious about it i'd suggest a cintiq, but they're above the price point you're looking at.

BUT, if you don't mind windows the surface PRO tablets (has to be the pro version as they support pressure sensitivity) are actually a really good portable solution. you can certainly pick up a first gen at that price point.


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I've heard a lot of complaints about the limitations of tablet apps for photo processing. I think a wacom with full photoshop would be your best bet.
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Boss Hog

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I'm leaning toward Wacom... but after the money I just dropped on new camera gear I have to temper my tastes so I can stay below the wife radar.