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-=A Question for nokia cell phone users=-

Mr. NiCe GuY

TRIBE Member
I recently bought a nokia 3360 phone and I'm trying to find ring tones for it. But all the websites I've found have either asked for money or just send the code for it (my phone doesn't have a ring composer). Anyone here know any free websites that could send good rings to my phone?
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I used to get them from Fido. but now they charge for them and so does everyone else.

shawn<---uses nuttin' but a g thang as his ring tone


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I want ringtones but my phone can't get them.

Maybe I should stop complaining and being a cheapskate and get a better phone.


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Greetings from afar MoFo.

Perhaps my neural network customer stereotyper could suggest which model phone is best for you.

Then you can come to me and I will give it to you.

The phone, that is.

They come with remarkably strong vibration modes these days, and are small with few jagged edges.