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A Question for Kitty


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I took Buster and Kitty for their yearly check-ups this year, and they both are in great shape, except for Kitty's teeth.

She has some lesions on two of her back teeth (pink almost like cavity spots) and he one canine has cracked. Basically they are saying she needs some major dentistry... Extraction of the cracked tooth, and potential extraction of the two damaged teeth. Basically the total estimated cost for the surgery is about $900.00 (i know :O) I have pet insurance, so I am hoping they cover it.

Some history on her, she's a rescue cat, totally docile and loving. She doesn't appear to be in any pain.

I know cats have a lot of problems with their teeth, so I am wondering...

Do you think she needs the extractions?
Would you go through with the surgery?


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I am of the less is fine school with cat care: I took them off the street, keep them warm fed and happy, that's already good.
If you're sure the cat is in no pain, I wouldn't bother.

Dirty Girl

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if you have a insurance thing that pays for it, then why not!
if they dont pay for it, I say fuck dat!!
I would do some serious googling to find out how necessary this really is, before i paid for it!!
dont we have a vet on here? I thought we did!


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cat vets are notorious for adding prices onto their bills for things you don't know you don't need. Make sure you get a complete breakdown of what is on that menu. I talked my way out of more than five hundred down to $280 for my cat's fucking sprained leg.

you don't need stool tests run when a cat falls down the stairs and hurts her leg!


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If your insurance will cover the surgery, I suggest you do it. Much like humans, a cat's dental health can affect her overall health.
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i have a complete breakdown of the estimate, and everything on there is legit. i've sent it all to the insurance company.
(i didn't bring stool in for them because they are both normal - so they didn't get $80 out of me for that at the check-up)

i'm just concerned if they dont approve it (which i will in turn cancel the policies for both buster and kitty) that i am a bad kitty mom. :(


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My vet tells me every year since my cat was 4 tha he needs a dental.

He is now 9, and seems to eat ok. He has a kidney disorder so now I'm facing pressure to get a dental and put him on this expensive Beta Blocker medicine (70 bucks every two months). I feel like a bad kitty mom too :( but I just don't have the money. I buy good quality food and litter and get his shots and license but I can't afford a 700 dollar dental or the medicine in my paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

I just tell my vet I can not afford my own dental bills let alone the cats, so until I get mine paid off (root canal, crown etc) I will not be doing the dental on Buddy. He seems to understand when I put it that way.


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Despite the no pain, the rotten teeth can cause other systemic problems if they become infected. If you have the coverage, get the surgery but as someone else mentioned up there, get a full breakdown of the procedure and what everything will cost so there's no hidden surprises.
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a) 900 is way too high. I had ALL of my cat's teeth extracted except for like 6 and it was only 650 - 700.

b) my suggestion: knock her out and have them extract all three. Again, total cost for that should be NOWHERE NEAR 900.

c) unless you have Petplan (ribbon plan) or upgraded to plan b on the new company's plan, it likely won't be covered.


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thanks for your replies...

diwc, what vet did your cat go to for the extractions?

if i can go somewhere that will save me some money - i'll go there if the insurance company doesn't cover it.