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A question about "refurbished" cell phones


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My contract is up at Telus and I need a new phone. They have some good prices on some refurbished phones.

Has anyone bought a refurbished phone? If so, any problems with it?

Are refurbished phones ones that broke and they fixed, or ones that were returned by clients when they bought a new one?


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i would never buy a refurbished phone after i realized how crappy the workmanship is. they really do a horrible job at repairing the phones.

"refurbs" could be anything. simple return, minor defect, destroyed flip... anything that can be repaired and re-sold.

i'd advise you to sign another contract and get a phone cheaply that way.


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I've had my refurbished phone for 2 years and it has served me very well. They can't sell 'em if they're not usable. Plus, they come with a warranty.
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I have a refurbished Motorola, it works like a charm, there was a scratch on the bottom and that's it. Nothing wrong with that!


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i'd stay away from them, after working for telus mobility for so many years. the main thing is that you're saving less than $100 and the warranty is only 90days instead of a year.

still have a lot of friends at telus and they are all saying the new LG4600 is the best phone out there right now. $249.99 off the shelf and then $25 for the ESN change (unless you can find someone to do it for free)


edit: on the other hand, there are refurbs from telus mobility's website for $50 and you really can't go wrong for $50... up to you, i suppose - especially for the sony ericsson.