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A post pandemic world


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All kinds of major global re-alignments are already happening and in the same way some businesses won't survive the pandemic, some countries won't either.

Close to home, I can see mass civil unrest in the USA either triggered by a race incident and spiraling out of control, or civil unrest generated by the disease itself or the depressed economic environment. Or, another country will attack the US in this time when they are scattered and cause panic. This will present problems for us on the border when Americans, fleeing the violence, come here in droves. It will be amazing if the US lasts as long as November without anarchy.

In Europe, as the EU circles its wagons financially, militarily, and in health policy I see the UK becoming a backwater.

Our relationship with China deserves some major rethinking. They are definitely not our friends and we need to take more control over that relationship.

We should really be thinking about Canada's place in a post pandemic world and start preparing for that eventuality. We should be a stronger player and not just be a kite in the US-China wind.
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