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a possible source of suggestions....


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hey guys...

while i was rereading the letters sent to mel, i came across one in particular which sparked my
interest... so i emailed the author asking him if he would help us with advice, suggestions, etc.
with regards to lobbying (i'm on the lobby cell as well). this is a part of his response:

While I am not a political figure,
I can certainly provide some useful advice/strategies to help you gain some
support for this issue - especially since it appears to be progressing to a
provincial level.

I worked for a decade at the CBC in Corporate Communications and have years
of experience spinning public opinion, especially in the media. If you would
still like to speak with me, I can be reached at 416.......

Shane Gerard
Rhythmethod Productions

(sorry, but i didn't want to post his number to everyone...

now..... i am interested in speaking with him, and i wanted to know if as the media group, one
of you is as well. it would be best to coordinate our efforts i.e. if we meet with him, we meet at
the same time... one from media, one from lobby, to take up as little of his time as possible.

i have an email correspondance going with him right now..... if one of you is interested in
contacting him, let me know so that i can warn him.



Mark McC

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I think we should invite this person as a guest speaker to our next meeting. He may have suggestions for our press relase & kit and who knows what other good ideas?
Anybody want to second the motion?