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A NYs resolution: go to Europe in 2004


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OK, I am tired of feeling uncultured and sheltered by Canadian life and have decided that starting in the New Year, i will save up to spend 2 weeks in Europe.

I want to spend a couple of days in the UK (either with Lurker's sister, or with my family) and do touristy stuff, and then visit some other countries...France, Germany, Holland, maybe Spain b/c my Brit relatives have a villa in Alicante.

I hope to go in early September.

How much would i need to save to have a moderately priced 2 or 2.5 week vacation over there? I wouldn't be doing any major SHOPPING - just visiting tourist destinations, buying a rail pass, maybe checking out a couple of parties in Germany or the UK, and staying in relatively inexpensive accomodations. (hostels?)

Help...will $2000 cover this plus flights?
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I was all over Europe for the first time this past summer and put down close to $5K including everything, but I spent quite recklessly (and am now a slave to my MasterCard bill, *sigh*). I was there for a little over 3 weeks, and didn't do *that* much shopping while I was there.

If I were you, and only had two weeks, I wouldn't try to hit more than 3 or 4 destinations (and make them close to each other!), because even then, you'll be on such a tight schedule that you won't be able to thoroughly enjoy every place you visit. Travel between destinations can eat up an entire day or more (Especially if you're trying to get all the way out to Spain!), and you might be getting ready to pack your bags again a day or two after arriving somewhere you like.

If you want to stay at the really awesome hostels (ie: flying pig in downtown amsterdam), you'll want to reserve your spot several months in advance. Although if you're not going until September it should be a lot easier since the travel season is winding down.

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I spent 4- 5 grand when I was in italy for 5 weeks and that was on top of my accommodation and flights ect. I would bring as much as you can. Even though the dollar is doing better you still will probably get ass raped with the exchange.
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Hrm, that's interesting, because when Lurker and his friend went, they spent about $3300 between the two of them over 3 weeks.

I really don't want to have to put any of it on credit...


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I really depends where you go and what you do... the Euro is really strong there and summer time, you don't really know where the money goes. Better safe than sorry.


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My GF and I stayed in Spain for three weeks for...I forget how much LOL.

But yeah...don't try to jam six different countries into a two-week vacation, because you'll end up absorbing nothing. If you're only going to go for two weeks, I'd say go to three countries at most. Two would be better, though.

If you want to absorb any culture, that is.