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A night to remember...Highwire


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The moment we shared last night both as a couple ...
and as a collective...
is one that we will remember for the rest of our lives.
The connection was instantaneous - from us to you and back again.
raw emotion and pure energy...
between us...
and between you.
And for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your friends,
The future Mr.& Mrs. Len and Kassandra Jaroli.



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That was something wikid to see! congrats
Also 3 great sets by you (as always), and a great set by your future Mr.s . Sorry highwire, the security SUCKED ASS! whats with robbing people and stuff? Not your fault I know, but sheez! Oh well, great party, glad to hear you are moving away from the palais for the next time..Did i forget to mention HIbernate?? Oh my! that was nice



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you two got en-gagged? holy shit!!! should have said something mang, would have been back for that!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS of the highest order!!!!


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Way to go punks! Way to go! I cant wait to hug you some time around Easter! Massive Hugzah and Congratulations are in order!!!

All the best, Michal.
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was an alright party, not worth the $40 price at the door to get in though.. music at the headlining spots was blah. pissed we missed marty/capital j.. ahh well.. SOS and Dr Trance in the morning were highlights though as always.

then went over to that movie shoot for half the day, which was interesting..


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i had fun. J and Marty's set was definitely the highlight of my night, although it would have been better if it had been upstairs, as opposed to in the closet second room...

oh, and congrats Len and Kassandra. You're BOTH DJ whores
although i suppose once married the title no longer applies...


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Please. . .Please... come up and call me and my Finace a whore some time. i would appreciate hearing this from you to our face.
That way I can give you a proper response.


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no disrespect in the slightest intended... i enjoyed both your sets at the party, and i would have thought the fact that there were two smiley faces in my post made my intent obvious... either way, i still wish you the best...

if i was intending to insult either you or your fiance, i would not do it in a roundabout way, nor would i do it hiding behind my computer...

i was simply commenting on the fact that with BOTH of you being DJs, you are BOTH DJ whores... It was a joke on the rampant DJ worship which occurs in this city, the benefits of which both of you have now given up in order to be with each other...

Blah, i wish the two of you the best and am sorry for the misunderstanding... Whore is not a word i would use to describe any woman seriously, especially one whom i've never met...

Fluke Skywalker

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I was in London i tried every one of my resources to get down for this. Mostly because i wanted to see the Progressive Live PA with Electric Violin....

what did people think of the live violin?


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Sorry I missed this party I heard it was amazing.

Congrats to you both.
If I can recall, you spun at SNAFU back in October just outside of London [that night was a blur] but I remember liking your set...I'll just have to check you out again sometime and Miss Money Penny...awwwww cute for sure
the way you proposed!