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A new track of mine - progressive/trance stuff inside


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Hey folks

Finished this one not too long ago and have had some positive feedback on it. I'd like to know what any of you think, so any comments or critisms are welcome!

Blake Sutherland - Another Face

Sorry about the low quality - I'm sending it off to some labels with my fingers crossed...so I didn't want a hi-fi version on the net :)

And in case anyone wants to check it out - this one was finished about a month or so ago.

Blake Sutherland - Dark Water

(right click, save as)

Thanks for taking the time.


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Hey blake

Nice track I like the basslines and the layering,the percusion
was well put together .

good stuff !!!;)


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WOW... that's some tight shit bro!!!

I really like "dark water"... very well done!!! it's definitely something I would play!

good work!


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Beautiful as usual.. the 303 in another face is nice yet non-intrusive. I'll give a more concise review tomorrow.


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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

Otis, glad you liked the 303 - I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive at first to include it in the track - but who can resist a 303? :)

Thanks again.
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Yea honestly I was a bit surprised to hear it.. but it's been a while and despite it's notoriety of being an overused sound, I still love when it's used properly.

P.S. I still have Deptarture in my regular listening rotation. Any chance of that on a vinyl release?


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Man, that's cool to know you still have that kickin around! :)

I don't think it'll see a release - but mainly cuz I don't really bother with that tune anymore. It's just kinda working it's way to the bottom of a pile of tunes I'm making and not really doing anything with : \
I also don't really know what labels would be interested in it..I did send it to a couple when I first made it, but I didn't hear anything. Annnnd the mastering/EQ'in of the track isn't where I'd like it. I still don't think I'm that good at it, but I think that track sounds too muffled or something.

Do you know if labels/producers listen for that when they get demos? Or do they figure they will be doing the mastering anyway, so they listen to the structure instead.

Thanks again for the kind words :)


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Your tunes should be properly mastered when you send them, or else that's jsut an additional cost for them. But it's never an absolute.. if they like your tune, they'll usually just ask you to re-eq/work it and send them a bunch of versions.

You should start your own label.. small run releases.


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Hey the labels will listen to the structure and mixing,
you should try and find a certain frequency responce
for each track you can do that with a spectrum analizer
for example bass usually sits at 30-50 hz, and a kick is at around
50- 70 hz try to eq everything around that anything above 50hz on those tracks,same goes for the highs eq anything around tham that does not fit into the desired instruments frequency responce.. I will post an instrument chart and what frequency's they sit at just to give you an idea ....

The mastering is usually a bit of eg and compression but the fragile process is in the mixing the better job you do the better it will sound ,also when you submit to labels keep the dynamic range @ 6db that wayif the the mastering engineer has headroom and can nicelly boost the level by using compression

a label will usually have someone for mastering....

cheers Paul
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there is a cool article on istruments and the frequencys'
the chart is for Orchestral instruments,I know this is electronic music so you can only really improve the percussion structure
as the synth sound is allover the place unless you are not using lots of poly and voices and it is a synth that is not multi timbral...

I need to find a better chart

Paul :)
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Thanks for the heads up.

I've been getting better with EQing and understanding it...but I couldn't be bothered to go back and fix up stuff I didn't like with old tracks. It's still not perfect of course, but I think my knowledge and application of EQ is a lot better on these two tracks.

Thanks for that chart, Paul - it's pretty cool. I have a sweet page I'm gonna post in the main forum that has similar stuff like that on it.