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A New Development in the Stababaloo Case!


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I'm trying to find the actual article(it was in the Metro today), but it turns out that Chucky(Charles Coulter) used a tape recorder to get a confession out of Jeffrey Tuck. His brother David Coulter(Lucky), was charged with the murder of Salim Jabaji at a Hullabaloo party at the Docks in 2001.



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here's the star article dan:

Secret tapes aimed at trick confession
Conversations recorded by brother of another accused man
Victim, 20, stabbed to death at The Docks nightclub in 2001


David Coulter was languishing in jail charged in the stabbing death of a student at The Docks nightclub, but his twin brother was sure he was innocent.

So Charles Coulter decided to prove his identical twin was not the killer by tricking the man who he believed had committed the crime into confessing during a series of secretly tape-recorded phone calls, he told a murder trial yesterday.

The Superior Court jury heard more than three hours of tape recordings in which Coulter used a number of arguments to pressure Jeffrey Tuck, who had not been charged, into telling police he was the killer so that David Coulter would not spend years in jail.

"Who took the guy's life ... you're not going to admit to that?" Charles Coulter asked Tuck during one of the calls that he taped using a device he bought from a local "spy" supply shop.

"Yeah. If I have to, I will," Tuck replied.

"What do you mean if you have to?" Coulter asked.

"If I know your brother is going away, I will but ..." Tuck said.

Tuck, 24, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Salim Jabaji's death at the popular Toronto nightclub during a rave on Feb. 4, 2001. Jabaji, 20, an electrical engineering student at Hamilton's Mohawk College, had made the dean's list the previous year but was taking time from off his studies to care for his ill father.

After the late-night stabbing on the packed dance floor, the Coulter brothers and Tuck drove away from the waterfront nightclub, Charles Coulter has testified.

As David Coulter drove his green BMW, Tuck complained about a bleeding baby finger and explained that someone had come after him with a knife, which they fought over, and that he had stabbed his opponent, he told the jury.

But soon it was David who was charged in Jabaji's death, the court heard.

"I saw basically that the Toronto Police Service were trying to pin the murder on my brother," Coulter told Crown prosecutor Robin Flumerfelt yesterday. "And I could foresee that Jeffrey Tuck would pin it on my brother as well."

So that's when he hatched his plan and made a series of tapes, some of poor quality, of telephone calls to Tuck in the two months following Jabaji's death, he said.

In his first call, Tuck complained of depression and an inability to sleep. "At night I'm trying to sleep, I'm thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking," he said. "I'm in, like, a daze."

Tuck admitted to being scared, of worrying about wasting his youth in jail, and of feeling wracked with guilt because he knew David Coulter had been charged despite having no role in the death.

Charles Coulter complained that their parents' health was suffering because of the stress, and warned Tuck that he and his brother would be forced to testify against him if the matter went to court.

Tuck asserted on tape that the police had no evidence, adding he wanted to find out what they knew before deciding his best course.

Both agreed that the crime was manslaughter, not murder.

"Why don't you just, you know, make things easier on everybody and get it all over with?" Coulter urged.

"And go to jail for eight years? Like, I have no future then" Tuck replied.
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Chucky, Lucky, and Tucky

This one has INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS on A&E written all over it.


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Is this really unusual for a murder trial to go on this long?

Seems like it was an opened and closed case, but here we are almost 5 years later.


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Originally posted by alexd
Chucky, Lucky, and Tucky

This one has INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS on A&E written all over it.
I'm thinking McCauley Culkin's gonna buy the rights as soon as the trial's over
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Originally posted by bucky
Is this really unusual for a murder trial to go on this long?

Seems like it was an opened and closed case, but here we are almost 5 years later.
Not really. They need time to interview ALL witnesses for starters which could have been the entire party, they have to go through preliminary inquiries, they may have gone through numerous set date hearings, they may have tried to come to an resolution outside of the court there could be a ton of reasons why, but sometimes murder trials go on forever

Klubmasta Will

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geez, our criminal justice system is horrible.

charles coulter introduced himself to me at system soundbar about 2 or 3 years ago. he wanted me to know that he and his brother did not kill salim jabaji. he said he couldn't give me details, but that the truth would come out at the trial.

from the article, it sounds like charles coulter had the exculpatory evidence (i.e. the tapes) *months* after the murder took place, and yet his brother was kept in jail for YEARS until he was eventually released.

on another note, the cops talked to me about this case awhile back and accidentally revealed their 'good witness list' to me. i noticed at least one triber on that list that has never posted in a salim jabaji thread. i wonder if he/she actually testified at the trial.

on another note, what would you have done in jeffrey tuck's situation? i would think leaving the country and then sending in a written confession would be something to consider.