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A little help? -- Cheap accomodations in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona


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I now wish to dig deeply into the vast wisdom and knowledge of the Tribe collective.

Some friends and I are planning a little vacation to Europe a la National Lampoons. We plan on staying for 1 week in London and then 1 week in either Amsterdam or Barcelona. We'll be there around the middle 2 weeks of June (June 10-->24). As of right now, Barcelona appears to be the fan favourite over Amsterdam.

What I'd really like to know from those of you who have been to some/any/all of these places is:

  • Do you know of any cheap hostels? Better yet, any good hostels? Best ever: cheap and good.
  • What are the absolute "must sees" for these 3 cities?
  • Good clubs / clubs to avoid?
Any/all advice and tips are most welcome. Thanks!


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i am sorry that i can't offer you first hand experience on the subject, but i do know of a few resources that might help.

1. www.lonelyplanet.com

2 when i worked for the library there was a really popular set of books. the title was something like "Greece on 50 dollars a day". they basically had one of these books for almost every country imaginable. check them out, i'm sure they'll be an invaluable resource

Smiley Jo

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I don't like to think about you leaving!

Anyhoo i'll give you the run down on clubs etc. in Spain when I get back. My friend works at MWE, so he's got tons of info on those other places too.

Joanna :)


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i can only speak for london, so...:

hostels: i like the "international students house" - dodgy name, but clean and relatively cheap, plus close to shopping on oxford street and regent's park...blahblahblah.

clubs: the gallery@turnmills which is my absolute fave!!! - every friday; elements@turnmills (think it's every second sat?); the end has loads of good nights and a really nice decor; fabric on a saturday; renaissance@the cross (every last sat???); bedrock@heaven (i've been told it's good, never been). DO NOT GO TO BAGLEYS IT IS PURE UNADULTERED SHITE!

stuff to see: portobello market on saturday! cyberdog in camden market (or the stables market...i dunno) - just for the experience, the tate modern is good and free, primrose hill at night is fun with a bottle of wine....umm..leicester square- stay away. it's full of tourists and you can't move. there isn't really anything to see there anyway.

oh i'm going to cry, i'm getting all "homesick" and nostalgic...
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I've spent weeks in London, a week in Barcelona and a day in Amsterdamage.

K. London:

I've always had connections there, so I have no idea about hotels/hostels, but I do know that they're among the priciest in Europe.

On the must-see tip, its hard to know where to even begin to begin. Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, Carnaby Street, Westminister Palace, Oxford Circus...all of these areas have cool shit going on during the day. But I often found the best places were off the beaten path, and just stumbled upon.

If you can spare a couple days for road trips, I really liked the college towns of Oxford and Cambridge. Same goes for cities in the periphery, like Brighton and Leeds.


One of my favorite cities in the world. Just thinking of it gives me goosebumps. I think you'll be there around the time of the Sonar Festival, which is one of the most important electronic music festivals in the world.

I stayed at a place called Abegueil Hotel New York. Haha...I don't know how they got away with using the word hotel in their name, but anyway, total dive, but it was a shitload of fun. It's in this section of the city just away from Las Ramblas, to the East. Tiny streets, with lots of interesting shops selling food and wares. It's ghetto, but the place has a roof where all the kids go before the night out for wine drinking and chillin out under the Spanish moon.

Lots of people I met stayed at the Kabul - which is a party hostel if there ever was one. You've gotta book that one early, but word is that its fun fun fun.

Then there's the clubs! I found most of the places kinda cheesy, but I wasn't around long enough to get into the underground scene properly. The Black Sheep is the place for drunk German tourists and lots of cheap sangria. I met some key people who would later put me up in Germany on my trip while I was there.

Go down to the Olympic park complex. The architecture is jaw-dropping. Also, the waterfront of the Mediterranean is completely beach, since the restoration, and its sooo nice to just be there.....feels Carribean. All the women are topless and its a relaxed vibe. People walk around and sell you beer while you're lying there listening to your favorite tunes on the headphones. The swimming is great too, but I did see a condom float by one day.


I'll tell you my story from that place in person sometime. It was possibly the most fucked up day of my entire life. ;) But here's a hint, I wasn't able to score any place to sleep, cuz the city is a fucking chaotic mess of tourism in August. June is prolly much better...but its always quite busy. Book ahead in the major cities.

Wow, that was long-winded.


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A must do in Amsterdam is go and do some mushroom truffles, also called philosophers stone and go to the Van Gogh museum.
That was one of my better experiences there. If you go to the Van Gogh museum straight it still kicks, I would recommend it.

Second vote for the flying pig vondelpark... very nice area away from the downtown seediness (but still within walking distance), plus vondelpark itself is quite nice, and its closer to the brewery, and the museums.


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cardboard boxes and dumpesters are fairly comfortable ... and very affordable
And they are fairly easy to find



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thanks for the advice -- esp. Josh -- I'll be speaking to you soon w/ more questions....just have to finish this stoopid essay first :)

anybody else have any knowledge they'd like to share with me and the group? don't be shy!


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I've only been to London, but check out the Time Out site (www.timeout.com) for info on all 3 cities, especially for accomodations.

I stayed with a friend last time I was in the UK, but before that I stayed at the London School of Economics residence near Holborn station...very central, dorm-style...you could have a single room or up to 4 people per room (I think).

In terms of stuff to do and see....there's a ton! Amazing museums and art galleries, historical buildings, beautiful cemetaries, great shopping, Royal Family-related sites, theatre etc. If you want any specific info, let me know...I've been there a few times. I also liked the day trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge we took a couple of years ago.

Can't give you much advice about clubs, because my friend I stayed with isn't really into them...I went out with my goth friends so I could only tell you about -those- types of clubs.

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I'd suggest getting a lets go travel guide, they're really amaizng. They have all the hostel listings, numbers, everything. Its all you need.


Any big bookstore Pete.

I took a Let's Go, and it was my little bible.

Then I met a girl who was leaving for home and she gave me her Lonely Planet.

They compliment each other well, but fuckin heavy to carry 2 big ass guide books.

I'd just tear out the pages of countries I'd visited and wouldn't be returning to.


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I must agree that buying a book (or photocopying sections)
is a must- I went to Europe for 4 weeks in the summer with no reservations- or contacts, and i cherished my book.

Anyway, Barcelona is a wicked place to party- we stayed near the university which is a safer area with cheap accomodations- Still right downtown. The hotel's by Las Ramblas were definatley the party one's- but looked fun.
In the Olympic park mentioned above, check out La Terraza on Fri or Sat- it is an open air party- house and progressive all night when I went.
There is also an amazing club called Paloma (I think-maybe Pamplona?) that is an old Spanish dance hall (beautiful, huge interior) that has a D & B and house night on Thursday only- the other nights are traditional music- but it was an amazing party.

Have fun!


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I just came back from Amsterdam!

A fucked up city it is.

If you are looking for a good "club" ...check out Panama.

Apart from that....Amsterdam is more of a go in and roll yer joint kinda place. If you are looking for nightlife....Groningen has a much better nightlife and music.....2 hr train ride away.
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When you are in London, check out the Royal National. It is right downtown. The rates are reasonable, and it is pretty big. If you have ever heard of Contiki, that is where they are based, so there are always buses leaving for various tours. You can even go to the Contiki office to find out about the accomodations they use in Amsterdam and in Barcelona. When I was in Barcelona I stayed at the Hilton so I don't know if thats too expensive. In Amsterdam there are tones of hostels right in the red light district. However in Amsterdam it does not really matter because you can walk across the entire city in 30 minutes, so finding accomodations is easy!



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Just to add to the last post. I thought that Barcelona was a rip off! There really is nothing to see there at all. Thats why I hopped on a plane and went to Ibixa for a couple of days(thats a far better Spanish locale) IT is pretty cheap though. If you go to the malls you can find versace shit really cheap!



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I've never been to Barcelona or Amsterdam but London is the best. I stayed there from 1996-99 and had the best three years of my life. I stayed at King's College my first year there and then lived at Essex my second. In my third year I lived on the banks of the Thames off Broughdale Avenue. My roomates were affectionately know as the Broughdale Massive. Maybe when you're in London you can stay there. Make sure you visit Social Science building if you get a chance and the best club in town is easily the Wave. Have fun on your trip.

Hugs and Kisses,