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A Letter from my virtual harraser

jus me

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A Letter from my virtual harasser

A slow saturday on tribe........for your reading "pleasure".


Stupid. Intellectual titmouse. Rat-shit brain.

Not only are you a fuckin' stupid ass, but you are also

That's why you and all of your friends, family, and
associates -- not to mention virtually all of your cultural
peers -- will find this following link to be "shocking"
and/or "offensive:"

http:// .cx

The only fault, however, is the severe estrangement of your
own mind.

(Warning: that suck-ass station manager doesn't want to
look up your dress, he wants to read your email. The queer
mentality will always find a less punishing substitute.)

Anyway, are you enjoying all the pretty colors?

People just can't wait to jump into the festival of lights.
Almost immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday, before
even having shit out their overstuffed guts, they will
begin to put up their flashing and sparkling Christmas
decorations. In most neighborhoods, the otherwise drab
darkness is now brilliantly foiled by a plethora of
bursting and dazzling colors.

People like it. People want it.

But I always recall that it was the Nazis, from deep within
their stifled European culture, who first in modern times
extolled the virtues of color, light, and resplendent
festivals after dark. The Nazis, for the edification and
enjoyment of the common man, returned to the dull streets
the fire parades and marches that were emblematic of a bold
New Order.

For this practice they were scorned and ridiculed by most
other civilized nations as harbingers of a backward
paganism. Their vibrant celebrations were universally
interpreted as cultural regression or even sickness. It
was not the vehement harangues of Hitler and Goebbels but
rather the worship of fire and light that instilled an
uneasy resentment in the rest of a world.

Fire and light have tremendous significance in the
development of our Western society. Neoplatonism and other
rival sects to Christianity were founded in light --
mystical light. For this, they were destroyed by the
patriarchs of the Roman church. But the theme of color and
light were irresistibly incorporated into the official
liturgy albeit in a highly subdued and controlled manner.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Why do I bother to convey this to a dead-head like you?

All is futile. Everywhere is futility.

But even futility must be given a direction.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Hail Hitler!

Ajax Kaltenbruenner

:rolleyes: I guess that's his version of "happy holidays"

the history behind it:

The Grand Dragon, whose real name apparently is Larry, is a self-styled KKK and Nazi sympathiser (of Polish descent!) who lives in East Detroit; surprisingly, his police dossier indicates that he was once married and even earned an M.Sc. from Wayne State University before he "cracked". Being that he lives a reclusive life in his parents' basement, probably receiving Social Assistance for a psychiatric disability, he has much time to listen to CJAM. Since we went FM in 1983, he has been a constant thorn in our side, pestering programmers with obscene/racist/mysogynist/misanthropic phone calls, and sending hate mail, bizarre cartoons and collages, cassettes of his rambling series "New Nazi Radio", and even pubic hair to station management; though according to police, he's probably harmless, since he has no criminal history and doesn't possess firearms.

Yet, only at CJAM could such a social misfit be regarded as an unwitting comedian and a cult (anti) hero. A few years ago, Iris Kohler accepted a dare to go on a dinner date with him and more recently, Ken Martin, Kevin Kostecki and others somehow lured him to a bar in Windsor where they got him drunk, roughed him up a bit and stole his driver's license; no doubt, for entertainment reasons, as well as retribution for his many years of harrassing the station. I'm sure most campus/community and commercial radio stations have their share of quack listeners, but CJAM certainly has been inordinately blessed/cursed with one of Grand Dragon's calibre. Fortunately, the other 99.97 per cent of our listeners are fine, outstanding people.


jus me

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Originally posted by deep
what the fuck

is today "batshit insane letter" day?

What...you got one too eh? Holidays drive people nusty.

edit: oh...now i know watchu mean..... (saw other thread)
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jus me

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Originally posted by Skipper
was that a PM you got?
I dun geddit.

No...LOL :p

I get these e-mails sporadically from this guy who I call "Crazy Larry". I have a radio show that broadcasts in Windsor and into Detroit. He tends to harass hosts on our station.

And I'm one of em.

new to t.o.

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I got a letter from a KKK guy the other day, too! It was in relation to me posting on the message board about irrelevant threads:

If "feeling superior" is important to you, you may be on the wrong
it has NOTHING to do with it. God gave Adam a soul, Adam and his
descendants, are the only creatures God gave a soul. The man, the Adam
superior in 2 distinct ways.

1. God chose him, from among all, special unique, and apart from all

2. God imparted to Adam and his race, breath, soul, essence, an eternal
spark. This links Adam with God inseperably, read your Bible, Christ
was of
the Adamic line. The geneology carefully enunciated in scripture goes
Adam to Abraham. Abraham to King David, David to Jesus Christ. Jesus
to Gods Chosen.

It is not a feeling, it is a fact. This is Gods choosing and not our
own, we
can accept it, or reject it.

Pastor Travis Pierce


jus me

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Originally posted by echootje
Sheeeeiiiit! He's still at it?

I thought you said he'd stopped sending those.


He sends e-mails once in a while, sporadically.

I guess when he feels the need to harass someone.
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jus me

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thanks liz for the explanation. :eek:

*btw* my hairdresser is wicked! he calls me sweetie, pinches my cheeks (face, NOT ass!) :p and washes my hair after he finishes cutting my hair too, so i won't get hair falling on my outfit.
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I find it extremely funny how this guy connects Nazi Parades to modern north american tradition of putting up christmas lights

jus me

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One time he sent me 3 e-mails in a row explaining how trains operated mathematically and would throw in a couple of insults in there as well.



Well-Known TRIBEr
that is messed up!!!

sorry you have to endure that stuff... why do you read his letters again and again if you know he has sent you messed up stuff before??
just delete the stuff and block him... can't you do something about it in the post?
like block all the stuff he sends...

anyways. take care.

jus me

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I don't read his letters "again and again". I open them up for amusement.

I used to block him with my first e-mail address then I got a new one for the show and he cleverly started to send e-mail to the new addy.

He first starts off with insults, then ties in a concept that completely unrelated and then spout some nazi crap at the end. :rolleyes:

at least he isn't going out and harming things/people.

the first time he e-mailed me, i called his isp and cut off his service! :p hahaha.