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A-hole's at the Border - any recourse?


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My Dad was at Pearson yesterday and told me about a run in he had with a US customs official.....

My dad does a fair bit of work in the US and has a TN Visa which entitles him to work in the US for a period of 1 yr. So he goes up to the Officer. The guy asks what the purpose of his trip is and who he'll be working for. My dad explains why he's going and who he will be working for... the guy gives him a blank stare and says "I'm going to ask you one more time.. why are you going and who are you working for?" So now very flustered, the old man repeats his story. The guy then proceeds to say "I don't like you're attitude!", tears up his form and tosses it at him like confetti! You perhaps need to know that my Father is probably one of the nicest men around... he is the furthest thing from having an attitude. He also realizes that if he's not allowed to work in the US, his livelyhood is down the drain and he and Ma will be eating cat food in their old age.

He filled out another card and went to a different officer.. explained what happened and the officer apologised for his collegue's behaviour and let him through.

So I guess my question is... is there any recource? Can you complain about his behavior? Is there anyway to report him? People shouldn't be allowed to act this way.... asshole!
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Hmmm, I wonder if it was the same asshole that I had yesterday morning. Did he go though terminal 2?

The guy I had essentially called me a liar to my face, and said that if I got caught working in the states, that I would be banned from ever entering again.

He still let me though though...

US customs sucks pretty bad.
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