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A heart-warming, small world, type of post


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15 years ago, we were foster parents to a sister and brother. I only had one child at the time. The sister loved my daughter...many happy memories and photos. The brother beat the shit out of child #1.

Then my second child was born. The boy, Chris, loved this child...many happy memories and photos.

Shit happens and had to release the kids from my home. I'd phone to see how they were doing, but was not allowed access the info on the children that lived here for two years.

A couple of days ago, me and the kids (got four now), went through phot albums and we sat and remembered Chris and Penny.

Last night, child #2 was at a party. She introduce herself and a young man looked her over and said, "God, you look just like your mother". Instant freeze on my daughter's part.

Then he continued, "Your Dad's name is Al, right? The best part of my childhood was spent at your place. Do you still have the evil goats?".

It was my foster child, Chris!!!!

I figured he would be jail by now, not nooooo!!! He is a foreman in his company, living with the same woman for the past three years and has an eight month old son. My heart busted open!!!

His sister was also supposed to be at the party, but her car broke down [Frown]

Ya know, sometimes it works. Sometimes, being a good person and helping really pays off!!!
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I'm glad to hear you're foster children ended up doing well.
Did you're daughter think to grab a number or email for you to keep in touch?

Being a good person will always pay off. Karma works like that..
And I'm sure you're being a "good person" has played a major role in those childrens lives. Good for you! :)


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No, she got no information :( She froze and panicked (she is only 17 and was at a party where she only knew one person....and her memories of this time are only what we tell her)

It is my sincere hope that the older sister will contact us now the doors are open (so to speak). The time spent with the older sister are treasured memories to my eldest child. After the foster children left, they phoned me. I guess Children's Aid found out, because phone contact was lost after a month and a half.

Either way, it was nice to know that Chris's life is sounds like a good one.

They were only with us for a short time, (two years), but the girl went from a failing student to an A student!!!!

Sometimes, it works. :D

Good deeds and caring for our youth...I was a 4-H leader for 10 years and worked this troubled teens at the local youth center....I see these, now young adults, around town. I see the influence caring has on them. Heck, a couple of kids have my name, but this is not what it is about....it's about giving a young person a reason to beleive in themselves.

If I care enough, then maybe, just maybe they will care about themselves too. Everyone needs to believe they are special.

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awe. well you definently speak passionatly of the children you have tried to help.
I agree with you 100% (about people needing to believe they are special)...
I'm sure they appreciate it very much.. and the work you've done with them.

It's nice to hear some people still care. The world is becoming very scary.

Good Luck on finding Chris and Penny.!