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A Groove Oddessey - New Years Eve

Big up Jungle*Baby

Wikkid scratchin from Cap J to ring in the new year.

Fat set from Kenny Ken & Fearless

All the MC's were hype. Good job!

for the lights being turned on during KK's set.
Big League Chew finishing out the jungle room!

Peace & Happy New Year to all the JUNGLISTS out there!
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All previouly mentioned problems aside, I had a wicked time at this party.

Aponaut kicked some serious ass.
If Vinylgroover was doin' a UK Hard House set, why the fuck was Magika on the mic.???
Putting dj Boogie on the main stage was a bad idea, and at prime time (3am)to boot?????

I was able to catch everyones set that I wanted to hear, and get out of that place fairly early (6am).


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To all the moaners:

Not sure what you guys are expecting from these events?!

I saw complaints about the lighting--have NO IDEA why!!! The lighting in there looked incredible, in my opinion. Felt like I walked into a concert or something! What exactly were you expecting???

As far as "VIBE at big parties"...blah, blah, blah! The VIBE is up the the partiers (YOU) NOT the promoters, so quit your bitchin'!

I don't understand all the negativity here. When I go out, I try to make the best of ALL situations -- even if I'm not having a good time somewhere (for whatever reason), I still make the best of it & don't waste all my energy bitchin' about why I'm not having a good time. If you focused all that negative energy on having fun, you mights see these parties in a different light.

Next you guys will be expecting the promoters to have your fun for you!!!!

To everyone else:

Have a HAPPY New Year!


By the way...all the complaining has made me curious about what you would do if you were in the promoters' shoes...check out post: http://www.tribe.ca/ubb/Forum9/HTML/004849.html

Da grunj

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I know what I would have expected from one of these "BIG" events.

The same thing I witnessed when Paul "Oakencheese" was here last March; 10,000 + people dancing their faces off with every possible "VIBE" available depending on which part of the dance floor you happened to be standing in.

Im glad I slept in. I guess Mayor Mel did do what he set out to do.......fuck raveing shit up!

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Anyone know the name of that very last track played after the lights were already on, with no dj behind the decks in the main room?


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That no camera thing is strange
I walked right in with my camera in my hand
But then again the guy who pated me down wouldn't have even felt a shotgun in my coat