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A Groove Oddessey - New Years Eve


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Post your comments here when you all wake up and recover. I had a blast but, I gotta go to bed now. More later...


Da grunj

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Well when the first post about a party states "I'm glad I got in for free", all I'm gonna say is that "I'm glad I slept from 8:30 pm til 3:00 am".


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Originally posted by Eclipze:
im glad i got in for free..thats all i gots to say
I'm sorry that you did not have a good time, could you help us by describing what exactly the problems were, for future reference


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problems...ack..just because i didn't like the party doesn't mean it wasn't good..argg what am i trying to say..
ok for one i think the sound was terrible...the sound in the main room kept cutting out after the firedrill for abit..the lighting was cheese...the small hardcore room set up was cheese..and the jungle room set up was just as rank..

honestly i thought that 3 companies of there respected sizes could have come up with better decorations, lighting and sound--not to mention ..lineup..

people may knock lifeforce parties, dose, syrous...but in my opinion they still throw the best parties...

--plus i was cranky from working 13 hours and being at work when the clock struck 12...

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Vinylgroover is booked to play HHC
Then why didn't he
I was quite pissed after waiting 1 1/2 hours in line to find out that I practically missed all the Happycore (except for the last 30 minutes of Frolic)
I'll write more later after I get some sleep



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Well ... here goes.

After some problems of getting everyone together, we finally got to the BLC at 10pm. We waited in line for about and hour, and that’s when the problems started. We get to the front of the line, and I’m getting searched by security only for them to tell me that I have to throw my camera out. It’s NOT a disposable camera. Why can’t people figure out that I’m NOT going to throw out a non-disposable camera? I offered to throw the battery out (again), but nooooooo, that wasn’t good enough. So, I was forced to go back to the car with my friend who was in the same situation. Now. Words of advice to Destiny: you EXPLICITLY stated that cameras were going to be allowed. I believe your exact words were “Camera are always allowed at Destiny events. We will make all efforts possible to ensure that security and the police know that cameras are allowed at the party.” Maybe you should try a little harder next time, because that was fucking bullshit and really got my night off to a bad start. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. If cameras weren’t going to be allowed, you should’ve just said so in the first place and I would’ve left it at home. I don’t see what the big deal about bringing cameras into parties is anyways. I wanna take pictures of my friends and the people I meet. Can someone explain to me why they’re not allowed? On the upside though, at least security let us go to the car to drop off the cameras and let us back in without having to wait in line again (thanks Carlos and Keegan!). So after we get back in, check our coats and get to the main stage, it was 11:30 and OS/2 was throwin’ down some sweet beats. I was hoping this was going to signal a great evening, but once midnight hit and Commander Tom came on, it was bad news. People that have seen him before were right. He’s horrible. Some of his programming is good but his mixing is brutal. Apparently he forgot that little feature on decks called pitch control. I couldn’t stay in there for long (but I must say I did dig the lights in the main room), so I went to go check Vinylgroover for a bit. Happy Hardcore can usually put me in a good mood, so I walked over to see what was goin’ on in the smaller arena. One problem. Vinylgroover was NOT playing HHC even tho it was promised that he would be. I know there was a LOT of very disappointed people about that. He was still kickin’ it with his “New Styles” (thanks Mr. MC. Pfft) however, so I kicked it in there for a while until ...

The fire alarm goes off. Geez. To whoever pulled the fire alarm, that was not cool. They’re trying to file 5,000 people out of the building into the one across the street, but no one wants to go cuz it’s so bloody cold out. People just stood around for like a half hour and the fire department finally got the clue, checked the situation and said just go ahead and keep partying.

It seemed like the fire alarm was the turning point of the evening. Back in the main room, Aponaut fired up their live P.A. and I must say it was pretty good. It really started to get people back into the groove and forget about all the crap that had happened up until that point. Unfortunately, their set was only a half hour, and the vibe got killed by the one known as DJ Boogie. His set wasn’t THAT bad, but hmmm ... where have I heard that set before? Oh yeah! On my Liquid Adrenaline Boogie Fever USA 2000 tape! It was the exact same set! What the hell is that? Haven’t you bought any new records since July?

Next I went to go check out Satori in the small room, and he threw down, in my opinion, the set of the night. Satori, you kicked some serious ass man! The moneymaker was shakin’ in full effect as I kicked it to the whole set. The lighting in that room was non-existent, but it really didn’t matter. It was the most fun I had all night.

Back to the main room for Jesse and Johan ... I was expecting big things after their unbelievable set that they put together at Back 2 Back 4. Unfortunately they were playing a much lighter, more vocal set. It was still good, but not what I was expecting. They played some great tracks that got me going, but there were many tracks that I was just going through the motions. And to close out the night, one of my favourites
, Mystic Mike. I’m sorry, I just don’t dig him at all. He was crap last night, just like when I saw him at Time Warp V in August. Do they put him on at the end of the night to make everyone want to leave? That’s the only explanation that I can come up with.

All in all, it was an okay night. It was cool chillin’ with ma boys, Brad, Jamie and Mike. Jen it’s too bad you left early cuz it got better after you did. Twitch and Satori, finally great to meet you guys! And to all the friendly people I met last night (Andrew, Megan, and Joe in particular), you guys made the night!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy year!

Rating: 6.5/10

-- Jay aka Fut


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I was supposed to head out to this party around 8
But because of outside circumstances I wasn't able to leave till around 9 or so
When we finally got there around 10:15 I was quite disappointed with the line up
How is it that Lifeforce can throw a party at the BLC with 12,000+ people and you only have to wait in line for 10 minutes
But Liquid, Destiny, and Big Bud throw a party for around 6,000 and you have to wait in line for 1 -1 1/2 hours?!?!
Just doesn't make sense to me
Anyways I finally got in around 11:30
Enought time to check my coat and head over to the Hardcore Arena for the last bit of Frolic's set ... which was wicked!
I heard most of it when I was in line
And he threw down some amazing anthems!
Which brings us to after the countdown ...
When Vinyl Groover was supposed to grace us with a 2 hour Happycore set
But I was quite disappointed when he started to spin Hard House ... I thought he was signed to spin happycore?
After about 15 minutes of Vinyl Groover I decided to go over to check out Kenny Ken
And I'm glad I did
He threw down a sick set
Playing a good mixture of old and new tunes
And a couple I haven't heard in a while
Then around 1:30 came the fire alarm ...
But honestly I didn't even leave the BLC and I have no clue about what happened so I'll just leave it at that
After the break, Kenny Ken finished off his wicked set
With Esay Rush steppin' up to the decks instead of Cap J and Spinz (apparently they spun earlier in the night) I was again a little disappointed
So I stuck around for a bit
Then went to check out Boogie!
Hot damn ... a little bit of Booty is exactly what I needed to get me dancing
After Boogie it was back to the Jungle Arena for KC
And did that guy kick
Threw down an ill new skool set
Droppin' some tracks I've never heard before
Marcus was up after KC ... nuff said
This guy is amazing
And Big League Chu finished off the night with a pretty good breaks set that had me shakin' my rump!
It was a pretty good party and I had a lot of fun
But I'm glad I got early birds
I wouldn't be as happy with the party if I had to pay more than $30
Although I'm still seriously pissed about Vinyl Groover!
It was a nice way to ring in the new year
And the happiest thing was I was with good friends
Who always make parties better


ecstasy riot

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i had a kick ass party with my boyfriend without line ups, fire alarms and lots of good attitude. (it was just the two of us
I did the new year party thing last year and it was great but no more, and thank god from the looks fo this party. standing in line in the freezing cold.. yuck
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so this party was pretty "bleh" for me.
i got in just before midnight after waiting in line and freezing my little toes off.
when i finally got in, i had a really hard time getting into it.
there was just a HUGE lack of vibe.
but i guess that's to be expected at a big party in such a big venue especially when the venue is half empty.....
most of the dj's i saw threw down amazing sets, but the shitty sound quality took soooo much away from it....not to mention of course the fire alarm....urgggg!!!
but whatever,
i was with the happiest of friends and my totally AMAZING boyfriend, so i still managed to have a good time!



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most of the dj's i saw threw down amazing sets, but the shitty sound quality took soooo much away from it.
That's so true!
For the first half of Kenny Ken's set
I could hardly even make out what tracks he was droppin'
All what you could hear was this over powering muffled distored bassline
The same thing with DJ Boogie ...
Half of his set was almost a write off cause the sound was so shit
I didn't understand a single thing he said
Cause of the echo



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Because of prior commitments I didn't make it there 'til 2:30, and I didn't have a ticket so I was expecting to have to pay $50 or something outrageous... but it was free, there was zero line and no security at the door... we literally just walked in like we we owned the place. I could've brought in an uzi, a tank of mustard gas and a bag of severed heads had I wanted to. As great as that was for me, it is a little alarming that any psycho could have blown the lid of the place had they felt like it.

Once inside...

The sound was terrible in all three rooms and the lighting and general atmosphere was very careless. I was told that Destiny backed off of some of their rented gear on Friday because advance ticket sales were crap. That being the case, business is business... but what about the people that forked over their hard earned cash?

Satori was great despite the sound problems. If you danced at the front with your head against resting against the pa it sounded great.

Jesse & Johann played a total circuit party set... diva house to the max, which is at best boring. At worst irritating.

The jungle room was pretty bouncing, but again the sound was terrible. Big League Chu was just getting the place jumping when the lights came on (after a 50 minute set!)

I do have to say though that the crowd made the party for me. Despite Destiny's attempts to throw a tepid affair the people were great. Everyone was superfriendly and making the best of it.

One last thing. If I see one more FBI shirt at a party I AM GONNA bring an uzi next time. There had to be 50 people wearing the same shirt.


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The Party was good right up until DJ Boogie came on. Aponaut was fucking awesome live, but it's hard to make the transistion from Aponaut to DJ Boogie. I'm not a huge Jungle fan, but I can take it, but at this party I counld't. Here's the question. How come they change the music in every room except the jungle room. Jugnlists musta loved this party. I ended up leaving at 4a.m., and I really hate leaving parties early!!! OS/2 is still spinning the shit and Commander Tom, well, lets just say that I expected more, lots more. The line up could have been a lot better.

This was my first new years party, and it's probably be my last. Unless there's a killer ass line up which no one will want to miss. I also thought there would be more people there, plus I liked the way that lifeforce parties have there parties set up. Many different entrances, and 3 amazing rooms all of equal size.


BTW, I see there every here got in about the same time as me, it's too bad that I don't know what anybody looks like.


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the jungle room was wikkid

when big league chu
came on, my first thoughts were "what the f@#$ is that garbage?" i've never seen a room clear so fast before in my life!

maybe the fire dept. should have called on his services to help them clear the building when the fire alarm went off.

have a super safe new year junglists!!!

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Groove Odessey was a fun time... there were some things wrong with the party (lineups, tickets, setup, sound).. but, it was new years and i was determined to have a fun time, and that I did. Commander Tom spun a great set, i enjoyed it - was the same as Saturday night but much different with thousands of people and louder sound.. Eryk S. was one of the best of the night.. Aponauts spun an awesome live pa, even with technical problems in the beginning.. the sound in the jungle room and 'hardcore' rooms was horrible.. it just sounded bad. My only complaint of the night was having lots of trance, then into hard house and booty. It was damn fun, but killed the 'vibe' in the room i thought.. but it sure did turn the party ghetto and dirty!!! it was great!! =) the crowd was one of the better crowds i've seen at bigger parties thats for sure.. oh and Big League Chu closing out the jungle room with some morning breaks was great!!!

After that, the music ended.. BUT WAIT.. the main room was silent, then this track comes on, starts building, lights were all on.. people are dancing like crazy.. hard thumpin bass... BUT.. there was no dj!! Security guards ran up, but NO record is spinning! They start pulling out all the cords, musics still going! Did they ever look pissed!! Track ended, people cheered. Security was not happy. props to the sound guys for pulling that one off!!! Anyone know what track was played? =)


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Me and my friend David reached the venue by about 7.3o. It was freezing and we had to wait in the line up for about an hour. We did not mind that because the party was worth the wait.It was upsetting that they took our cameras so that we would be forced to pay 20 dollars for a crappy photo. It was an explicit display of obnoxious Mafia type of behaviour. Of course we did not get our photos taken, why feed the monster.Anyway once we got in we decided to forget the camera incident and enjoy the party. the lights were so cool and so was the sound effect. The venue and the vibe were both awesome. Every time I go to a good party I end up loving Raves more than ever. This one was no different. The music was so good. the whole event made me make a New Year resolution to go to as many great parties as I can. Thanks everyone for the great time , especially David who made sure I had a good time, including supplying coffee whenever I needed one. And love to Michelle from New York.


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I'd still like an explanation of the camera situation from Destiny. An explanation from the other production companies would be great too, but I would like to hear from Destiny in particular since they were the ones that assured me that cameras were going to be allowed.

-- Jay aka Fut


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Originally posted by jungle*baby:
when big league chu
came on, my first thoughts were "what the f@#$ is that garbage?" i've never seen a room clear so fast before in my life!

maybe the fire dept. should have called on his services to help them clear the building when the fire alarm went off.
very funny..........................idiot

Big up the CHU!


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Originally posted by plurgurl:
the lights were so cool and so was the sound effect.

i had a good time and all, but were you at the same party as i was?

lights were good? not only were they not good, but they were quite awfull. terrible to say the least. same goes for the sound.

ahwell... nice to spend nye with a few friends.

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The camera thing was BS, too bad the other thread got deleted or else it could be quoted.. but I *REALLY* felt bad for some kids who were told "yea you can take it to your car and come back" and then the security guards wouldn't let them back in saying, "we never told you that." Now that was just wrong.


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Ya that is a load of shit. I made sure to specifically talk to security guards (three in total) and get their names too. They were really nice when we asked.

*shrug* A load of crap if they wouldn't get let back in.

-- Jay aka Fut


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I wonder why some people feel like they have to say some bad thing about every party. The lights were good. I was in the main room most of the night and I liked the sound and the stage and floor lighting. I think sometimes we have to pick up the finer strains of music and look at the brighter side of things...in raves and life as well


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Well, when I post a review of a party, I write what I liked about the party in addition to what I didn't like. I think that's only fair. There's always people that didn't go for various reasons (couldn't, was somewhere else, etc), and they wanna know was it was like.


-- Jay aka Fut
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