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A Good Place to go for drinks after work?

Booty Bits

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i know this has been done to death, but i have rarely absorbed anything that is posted on this board for more than 24 hours.

my co-worker is done her contract on friday and we want to go out for drinks with our fellow co-workers to see her off.

we would be heading out around 5:30 on friday night after work.
we are right at bay and adelaide.

she doesnt want to go to a restaurant, nor does she want to go to a straight up sit-down pub so the bishop/black bull/duke of anything is out too.

i feel like a fool for running out of ideas so soon.

the gist of it is: me and someone else i work with really dont want to go to My Apartment that night, so we need to come up with a good alternative or else, we're DOOMED!

haha, so please, help a sister out.
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Booty Bits

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my lame-ass coworker suggested reservoir lounge, but the girl who is leaving doesn't want to go there.

i dont know anything about the place, but i dont think she likes jazz.

more suggestions please.


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Milestones for their bellinis!!!!

Al Friscos, Rivoli, so many but can't think of them......

Devils Martini - cheesy but cheap drinks


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haha... what am I doing here...

Ok, two weeks ago I went out to a place on John St, between the corners or richmond and queen. It's called the Friar and Firken (hope I got that right). Darkish, pubby and muffled. I know those adjectives all sound negative, but the gang actually had a good time, so I guess the vibe is good. Not the kind of place where you would worry about being loud. But definitely a pub-type place.

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There's that no name place on Maitland, near Yonge. I think it's so swanky that it has no name. I have yet to hit it.
There's Mint et Menthe. Heard that was swanky and chill.

Bauhaus: 31 Mercer Street.
I heard it's nice.