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A good newsgroups reader?


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Can somebody please recommend a good freeware or shareware usenet newsgroups reader to me? I have Ozum currently and I don't like it.

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check out sourceforge.net , I currently use Newsleecher (but of course it is not free).

Ninan (??sp) is free. It is a web interface /w java.



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I use Newsbin Pro, newsbin.com

Doesn't have as many bells and whistles as Newsleecher but that's why I like it. Great tasting , less filling

Plan to actually buy it .... one of these days


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it depends on your purpose.. newsleecher is great for leeching, but not so good for reading

forte agent comes in a free flavour and is pretty good for reading newsgroups
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Some newsreaders are oriented towards leeching (downloading) binary files (software, movies, music) from newsgroups. Other newsreaders are oriented towards the original purpose of usenet, which is reading messages.