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A giant Nando's is opening shortly on Bay St. north of College FTW!


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I was biking up Bay Street yesterday and saw the Nando's logo paper plastered all over a space. For those who don't know, Nando's is a South African company that makes the most delicious Portuguese flame grilled chicken.

I live for it when I am in South Africa, and it sure will be a nice treat to get it downtown.
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Yeah, but fortunately its been a well kept secret, so not too busy.

Looking forward to having one closer though!

-- L
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Yeah i'm not a fan either. If any of you get to Australia, check out Oporto, more of a fast-food place than sit-down, its Portugese chicken burgers are fucking killer.


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Doubt I'd be interested in going to a chain restaurant for Portuguese chicken when Little Portugal is near by and loaded with yummy Churrasqueiras. I'll take a 'mom & pop' type business over a chain any day. And crap, now I have a craving....
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Hey Alex, are there any fast food fresh seafood places in South Africa, like in mall food courts etc? What's the popular snacking seafood options?
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