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A friend in need


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Hey Guys,

My friend Lyndsy is learning the art Zen Shiatsu massage and needs to have a certain amount oh hours before she can graduate. Now since I know the stressful lives that some of you live, this would be the perfect opportunity to relieve some of that stress and also do a good deed by helping out a friend in need :)

Here are the details:

Kokro Do Jo
Student Clinic

Zen Shiatsu Treatment

Only $25 for a 1 hour supervised treatment (cheap, cheap cheap!!! Where else can you get a 1 hour massage for only 25 bucks!!!!)

Appointments Available:

Thursday - 12, 2, 4 pm
Fridays - 12, 2, 4 pm
Saturdays - 12, 2, 4 pm

Call (416) 925-5722 and ask to book an appointment with Lyndsy Deshima

Kokoro Do Jo
358 Dupont Street
(Between Spadina and Bathurst)

A little bit about Zen Shiatsu Therapy.

The word Shiatsu means "finger pressure". Zen Shiatsu is a form of holistic therapy based on Traditional Oriental Medicine which helps to restore harmony within the body. Using gentle pressure with fingers, thumbs, elbows and knees, the therapist works along energy and pathways to help re-establish the patient's natural balance.

What can I expect from the student clinic?

All clinic sessions are supervised by a Certified Zen Shiatsu Therapist. Clients are asked to complete a confidential health questionnaire, after reviewing information with the client, students then proceed with the treatment.

How should I come prepared for my treatment?

• Clients should wear loose comfortable clothing
• Avoid any perfumes
• allow for an hour of digestion before treatment

How long are treatments?

Treatments range from one hour to an hour and a half in length

What are some conditions where Zen Shiatsu can help?

• Menstrual pain
• Migraines/headaches
• anxiety/depression
• edema
• lower back pain

Thanks a bunch guys, you would be doing me and a really good friend a big favour.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Originally posted by Woody
oops, I didn't even think about that (spam) it certainly wasn't meant that way.

Sorry :(

if it's any consolation...i don't consider this spam.

it's just a favour for us and her. so thank you. go in peace.


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Originally posted by junglegirl
a friend indeed - a friend with weed is better :)
That's actually what I was expecting to see first when clicking on this thread (and somehow, I STILL clicked on it anyway).

...and now I have that song in my head. *sigh*
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Originally posted by junglegirl
a friend indeed - a friend with weed is better :)



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Thanks for the info!

I could use a massage, I remember what it was like going through student clinic.... ick! Lotsa cheap and unclean people.... I hope your friend has better luck than I.


ps. the rub and tug jokes..... not cool... and not funny. If you're looking for "full release" there's an entire section of NOW Magazine devoted to those practitioners. Please... seek them out instead of bothering us.