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A Fresh Pancake Every 18 Seconds???


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ChefStack Home Page

ChefStack is the world’s first automatic pancake machine.
The patented process cooks hot, fresh pancakes in a matter of seconds.
The pancakes are 97% fat free and made with all natural ingredients.
The ChefStack provides exciting new pancake menu items to generate increased revenue dollars and bottom line profits.

I want one.


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I wouldn't even care that I don't have a 21st century flying car or silver foil suit if I owned one of these badboys.

jocelyn dee

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I stayed at a hotel in ohio and they had one of these included with the complimentary breakfast spread. The pancakes weren't the best, but it was fun to make them.
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Little known fact, I make amazing pancakes and have about 10 different personal methods for 'em.

Fact number 2, I was thinking about making them today but this thread sealed the deal. Back in 30 minutes.
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Beer babe

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I like pancakes. :(

I made them from scratch a couple weeks back with wild blueberries and had some good maple syrup.


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It's all about the Teflon coating..mmmm yummm the stuff is like crack. "Excuse me can you put these pancakes through again, I'd like some more teflon".

"Two proprietary Teflon coated cooking belts ensure the ongoing quality and taste consistency of the pancakes"
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