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a few WinXP issues.


TRIBE Member
I'm new to using XP, and i'm having some issues that i cannot for the life of me figure out. I'm turning to the collective knowledge of the geeks of tribe for some insight. Here are the issues that i cant seem to solve:

Windows Sounds: Everytime I set the sound scheme to 'no sounds', it returns to the default scheme the next time i reboot. Incredibly fucking annoying.

USB Harddrive: I'm running an external USB drive (wd250 gig in a vantec enclosure) I'm having two issues. 1) I cant seem to get the drive to connect as SATA (its an eSATA enclosure) and 2) when i connect it by USB, half the time i get an error stating "H:\ is not accessible. The Request could not be performed because of an I/O Error"
There is no consistency with when the drive connects or doesnt. On my win2000 box, it ran with no issues at all.

and finally...
Folders/open dialogues returning to their previous state after they have been customized. If i customize a folder, and select that i want it to apply to all folders of a certain type, it has no effect on the other folders. Also, if i customize an open dialogue (ie: size, layout, order of columns, etc) the same thing happens, next time i open it up, it'll be back to the default setup.

Any help would be apprecaited. I've heard that XP can be a killer OS, but so far, I havent seen it. Hopefully the collective intelligence of tribe can solve this.