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a family affair

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by SpinSugar, Jan 2, 2001.

  1. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    well after reading the groove oddessey reviews i am sooooo glad i opted for this party instead! [​IMG] so family affair started at 2am- yeah, so we missed the big countdown, but i got to spend it with friends anyways so it was all good. we got to sly nightclub around 2:15 and got in right away. nice, friendly security too. always a plus. paid our measly 15 bucks for a 24 hour party......not like i was going to stay that long, but hey.....it was nice knowing that i could if i wanted! [​IMG]

    the venue was fairly small, but nice with a proper chill space upstairs. good vibe- it was 19+, so the crowd was a bit more.....er....mature than some parties. sketch factor was almost none. [​IMG]

    and the music was wicked. to be honest i wasn't paying too much attention to who was spinning cuz i couldn't hear what they were saying. everything i heard was amazing- some really nice trance- and i got to hear my song! the dance floor was filled with people who were........dancing! i really wanted to go back earlier tonight to check out lori the hifi princess, but was waaaaayy to tired for that.

    anyways- this was a wicked new years. just what i needed to kick off 2001. and i'm really glad a chose this party instead of some....uh.....others. [​IMG] so thanks to sonic state for throwing an awesome intimate new years bash. good times..... [​IMG] 9/10

  2. AT-AT

    AT-AT TRIBE Member

    Yep, that party rocked for the time i was there - 5-7 am. Mature good looking (whassup to deep and laura!) crowd eating up trance like there's no tommorow. As a DJ my only complaint was the booth set up - the rotary mixer, the monitor directly above the head (and not to the side) and the bass bins underneath the wooden floor - you crank up the base and the needles slide right through! It's all stuff i can deal with, but not after a night of hard partying... [​IMG] Altogether it just made the whole djing thing a bit more of a challenge than I was prepared for. Crowd reaction made up for it, as it always does in any circumstances. I hope the rest of the party went well - it was a humongous undertaking on Sonic State's part - I mean the had to be on there feet for well over 24 hours to pull this off! Good job, and a wicked idea for the next years NYE, or any long weekend for that matter! [​IMG]

    Big up Beaker for a flawless set, ima start drinking just to get to your level Matt!;D
  3. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    thanks voytek. [​IMG]

    i had a wicked time, both playing and hanging out at this party. it was probably one of my better sets of the year. my only complaint was those shitty cheap-ass needles. wtf? you have a wicked system, great booth setup, wicked mixer (whether you like rotary or not) and then you've got wonky little wide cartridge needles that float all over the records. anyway, nothing on the promoters so sick props to nick/andre/joey and co. for organizing an incredible party.
  4. deacon

    deacon TRIBE Member

    ok everyone...we are finally now kinda recovered from doing this insane event..the wicked people that were involved and actually came to support...MADE THE PARTY. i personalyy just wanted to say thank you for all the mad smiles around the whole night and compliments, morning and afternoon. i know the rest of the crew will post themselves. i do however want to apologize for the sound setup and turntables...sorry that all of the djs who had to deal with that...luckily you all said you had a blast though so THANK YOU FOR SUPPLYING SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC I'VE HEARD IN A WHILE! it was cool that we truly made this event a family affair...everyone helped out all night truly from their heart...as some of you may know, the 52 division shut us down at 11 pm for 3 noise complaints...a sticky situation but a good resolution came out of it...one of the best vibes i have seen in a LONG time.

    so thanks again for everything to all the amazing djs, the wicked security, all the models and restless crew, philip & co., mark & steve & bartenders, our family for unrelenting work (carmen, andre & laura, guy, daniel, mark prospero, nicole, erin & renee from atlanta, mike & the rest of the flyer team, nick & jenny, jamie & sean, joey, peter h & shan, steve, ron & co., chantelle & james, peter nomad (tech stuff & mc), carlos, red, trish & steve (phlux), tim & eric, soul food prod, matt@gearlab, and anyone else i missed (its been a long night!)...you all rock when your smilin'.

    peace and mad respect,

    the stressed-out tall guy in the crazy shirt.

  5. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    *Ritika is now kicking herself*

    I promised a whole shitload of people I would go to this party....I realised at about 6 am that I still hadn't headed over and decided it was probably time to finish the dancing party of the night...

    Wish I had been there..I knew it was going to be good *sniff*.

    Mad Props to the people who threw this for all the crazy good reviews I've heard [​IMG]
  6. boyblu

    boyblu TRIBE Member

    Just a quick thanx to the sonic state crew for assisting in bringing my new years in proper.
    Nice to see you Matt(beaker) sorry wazn't in the gibbidy-gob mode but you didn't quite look like it either!!
    Nick, nice to see you too!
    I have a small request, well it's more of an "I need to know".
    UM, when I was leaving, went to coat check to get my coat and my vest and hoodie were missing(still got my coat though!)
    If you have it please hold on to it until I come back down.
    It's a grey hoodie with a three stones vest.
    I helped the guy at coat check look for it but no luck plus we had no lighting!!!
    He said that he will find it
    No big deal though, I'm just a snake shedding his skin for the new year!!!
    Happy new year
    brandon [​IMG]
  7. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    that's okay. i was in pretty poor condition (but still having a good time - nudge nudge).

    hope you get your stuff back. [​IMG]
  8. fiveguyfly

    fiveguyfly TRIBE Member

    Nick is pretty much saying everything I want to say, very good overall and thanks to all Sonic State staff, to all of our Djs, bar staff, Mark and Steve, to our very friendly and professional security staff.

    In addition to Nick's comments, I want to address special thanks to less known or visible people that made a big deference to the success of our party... and here I want to thank Francois Leveille (Sonic State/Montreal) for his excellent opening set and his 6:30pm set. You will see Francois again in a very near future. Thanks Francois!

    Also a special thank to my best friends Jamie and Sean, Jamie for his important involvement in making this party a reality and Sean (Brillium Graphic Design) for the design of our flyer. Thanks to both of them for their fantastic entertaining personality that made me want to dance all night. I love you guys! [​IMG]

    Thanks to Nick and Jenny, James and Chantal, and Mark for helping in coat check, ...was not easy without light in the dark room...(venue problems out of our control)

    Thanks to Mike our promoting manager, and his flyer team, for his dedication to this party without counting... He was out there busting he ass at -30 degrees every day... Wow! Good job!

    Thanks to my loving boyfriend, Daniel for helping at the door. Love you so much! [​IMG]

    Most importantly I want to thanks the people that came to the party. People that came from out of town with only destination was to … A Family Affair… All of you that came in faith and created this “magical vibe” during the whole night. A fantastic mix of Gay and Straight loving crowd. Thank you sooo much to all of you... [​IMG]

    I have seen so many smile at the party that it makes feel so good today [​IMG]

    Love you all...

    I must be going through a mid life crisis?

    p.s. Look up to our web site, in a few days I hope, we should have a whole bunch a cool pictures posted...
  9. Tranceman

    Tranceman TRIBE Member

    Thanks SonicState Crew for a fun time! It was too bad that the party got shut down early...but the music and people made it fun till the very end. The countdown begins to Feb 24th!......

    T----I----E-----S-----T-----O----!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Thanks again SonicState Crew...especially Andre, Nick, Carmen, Laura, Joey...you guys make Toronto soooo much fun! [​IMG]

    Steve [​IMG]
  10. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    you all are crazy I didn't do anything for this party...

    it was a good time though.

    A bit too populated with clubby people and people making out, but it is new years....
    alot of good friends made this party a good success.
    Some nice trance didn't hurt either.

    Respect to the promoters for running things so well (with the exception of the coat check)

    um ya
  11. Retepic

    Retepic TRIBE Member

    I had a wikked time at the party. I thought the sonicstate family did a fabulous job organizing this party, and i'm sure everyone that went had a great time. Solid music, positive vibe, great atmosphere, fantastic visuals, and awesome people. My only complaint is, one of the bartenders was being a big bitch to my girlfriend all nite. She was very rude. But my gf didn't bother complaining to anyone, she even tipped her many times. . Oh well, everyone else was very friendly and nice. My gf (Chan)had lots of fun modelling and meeting all those great people that did her hair and makeup. I hope all the hard work paid off, because we created something good there. I can't wait for wintergallatic. Thanks to all the sonicstate crew!

  12. LivingRoomPornstar

    LivingRoomPornstar TRIBE Member

  13. LivingRoomPornstar

    LivingRoomPornstar TRIBE Member

    I got to this party after previously being at Nightmare, Ohm, and a couple of other loft parties...I really liked the layout of Sly, its a pretty sweet venue, and the music was incredible!

    I ended up staying at this party until about 10 or 11pm...I want to thank those that helped me out, I was just a little messed up, which of course I am definitely not proud of.

    A little shoutout goes to Erin(Locklin), for keeping me company for awhile...you are definitely a sweetheart!

    Great Job to Nick and the crew..I'll definitely be back(sober this time) for Tiesto at Wintergalactic!

  14. twitch

    twitch TRIBE Member

    A very good party indeed
    Good job to the whole family for pulling it off so nicely!

    LOL, Dan you were having a blast!



    Thank you everyone for making this the best New Years I've had in a long time. It was very special to have spent it with so many good friends and family. The vibe was wicked, the music was exceptionally good with great sets all around, the decor and the venue was perfect. The sound could have used some work, but unfortunately the speakers we brought in didn't function properly(shit happens).

    All in all we sincerely hope that everyone left with a feeling of enlightenment both spiritually and musically. It is rare for so many to come together and experience such a unique vibe, and all of us at Sonic State were very happy to provide you and be a part of this unique experience. Thank you again! Truly,


    P.S> Wintergalactic 2001 is coming, keep your eyes peeled for details. PEACE

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