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A dead friend of mine was just suggested as a "contact"


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A friend of mine committed suicide about 2 years ago.

Just now, a social network recommended that I "connect" with him.

Well this raises all kinds of questions.

Firstly, I think no social network has any idea whatsoever how to deal with the concept of "death".

Secondly, what happens to your "data" once you are dead? All kinds of law exists for executors to handle physical and material wealth, but what about your informational wealth? Will this become a burgeoning industry? (FIRST DIBS RIGHT HERE)

Thirdly, how are online associations disconnected and ended, legally, in the event of death. (AGAIN FIRST ART RIGHT HERE) How does the "right to be forgotten" work into this rubrik?

If the "cloud" is going to remember every human being who ever was, which, may be a fair idea, how much space and energy are we going to commit to making that happen?

In Germany, and presumably rest of Europe, your grave is not eternal. It's there so long as your relatives pay for it. Then they dig you up. Is there a digital analogue to this?

hahaha I used "digital and analogue" in the same sentence
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That's brutal. A few years ago, I got a spam email from a late friend's email account. I know that's happened to others too. Feels terrible. The fact that I was getting over nearly a decade in denial of his death was extra terrible.