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a cheap place to crash.


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life has twists and turn you can't be ready for, as it stands I need a transition pad for the next 2 months before I move back to vancouver. i don't want to stress my friends out with couch surfing , I'd rather pay cash for a small spare bedroom if anyome's got one.

email me at thom(no spam)@(no spam)thomhamiltonphotography.com if you can help out.
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seriously, craigslist is by FAR your best bet. all sorts of places around the university are subletting rooms just for the summer.

good luck, dude! :)


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not exactly luxury accomodation but there is usually a hovel or two available above where the Poor Alex used to be for 3-400. you could give Jordi a call and see if there is any room amongst the underbelly of the annex
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