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A CD so bad I had to post about it


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DJ Irene. Who is this music for, NJ Guidos on meth for the first time?

My friend left it in my car, so I popped it in on the drive downtown today. It's like someone asked Bad Boy Bill to play the cheesiest, most comically "hard" house that he could. It even has the typical Chicago intro consisting of five minutes of four-bar track snippets spliced together with lines sampled from recent commercial hip-hop acapellas.

Utterly awful.
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haha I bought a dj irene cd back in the day. she makes me chuckle. also saw her once at an outdoor rave in BC. Never seen someone go through as many records as her. She would play each record for max 32 bars, then slam on the next.

it is pretty bad but kind of amusing.


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the other day, on the streetcar on the way to work, some dude had super cheesy euro blasting on his ipod. so loud everyone could hear it. and i thought, if this is what most people associate with electronic music, no wonder Lastman banned the rave.


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a guy i used to work with loved this shit, i thought it was the worst shit ever
totally unlistenable, and how would you dance to this garbage?
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