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A Bully Gets Bullied: Why Rush Limbaugh Never Became the Next Oprah


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(from the Panopticist, an awesome website):

In 1990, a year or two before he became super-famous, Rush Limbaugh guest-hosted Pat Sajak's short-lived talk show. It didn't go so well: The taping was disrupted by a group of angry activists who were seated throughout the audience. A visibly rattled Limbaugh was unable to regain control of the show. "He came out full of bluster and left a very shaken man," a CBS executive later said. "I had never seen a man sweat as much in my life." Eventually Limbaugh made it to the first commercial break, and then, barely, to the next one; when the show returned from the second break, the activists were gone—along with the rest of the audience. A demoralized Limbaugh then delivered self-serving closing remarks to an empty studio.
You'll need the Flash plugin. The clip is about 11 minutes long, and it's fricking awesome.


It's better than Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson.


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haha.. yes... the funniest shit i've seen today. And here I was all depressed because Al Franken is on vacation this week.
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that was pretty gay... and I'm talking about the audience people screaming murderer... someone should have taken those people out back and beat them with a club.


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Ever since he lost all that weight he looks disturbing kind of like the guy from the movie Thinner.