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a buddy of mine, ... may not make it.


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this is fucked. In the past year, I've had 3 friends tied into some kind of tragedy. Jan '01, I had a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and killed. June '01, I had a friend who's car jumped a median and was hit by a truck carrying 4 tonnes of crushed paper, killed instantly... and last night....

Man shot in Scarborough home invasion

By Toronto Star staff

A Scarborough man was fighting for his life last night after being shot in an apparent home invasion robbery.

Police said the victim, in his early 20s, was shot in the chest when a gunman burst into his basement apartment in a house on Carisbrooke Sq., near Morningside Ave. and Finch Ave. E., about 7:30 p.m. He was taken to Sunnybrook hospital, where he was undergoing surgery late last night.

The victim has lived in the basement apartment of the two-storey house for about a year, neighbours said.

"He was waiting for friends to come over so he left the door open," said Sergeant Steve Peconi of 42 Division.

Police were told by a witness, who was in another room of the apartment, that the gunman entered the apartment while an accomplice waited outside. Both
suspects fled after the shot was fired.

guy... my friend Marco & I were gonna go play cards there last night... but went to go smoke a joint instead. fuuuuuuuuuuucked up.

Gilberto... my prayers are with you and your fam. Hang tough.


...always in threes. now i gotta wait and see if I'm going to Sunnybrook or to a wake....


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sory to hear. i have lost a lot of friends in the last couple of years, i know its hard...my thoughts will be with you.


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Sorry to hear this.
I hope things will turn out fine.... lost a close friend a while back, too. My prayers are with you and your friend.


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what worries me...

Originally posted by dj Red Turtle
Sorry to hear that man. Hopefully they catch the fuckers.

... is the retaliation factor. Some people are talking like they know who it is and are already making plans. I'm staying well clear of this. people in this area are crazy and I'm too old for this shit. All I know is that one of my buddies is not doing to well. That's all I care about, is him getting through this, for his sake and his family's.

Imagine to get a call..... from a hospital... a doctor telling you that your only son got shot point blank in the chest and that he may not live. That's what makes this world fucked. Those wasps after my creamsicle don't seem so bad now.


I'm speechless.

fattyp©2002 :(
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That is completly terrible. I'm sorry for your friend and hope he pulls through. There are a lot of people wishing him well.



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amazing news...

well, ... it looks like I'mma start calling that shooter fuck 'boy george'... cuz he just joined the karma club !

page 21. Toronto Sun

Sun Flashes

Invasion 'solvable': Cops

Robbers who shot a man point blank in the chest during a Scarborough home invasion on the weekend will likely be caught, police say.

"It's one that should be solvable," said holdup squad Det. Doug Yaremko.

The victim, 23, is improving in Sunybrook hospital and is expected to recover. He is not yet well enough to speak to investigators.

Cops say robbers were seeking cash on Sunday when they burst into the basement apartment at Carisbrooke Sq., near Finch and Morningside.

Neighbours had speculated that drugs might be involved but Yaremko said there was no connection to narcotics.

... I called my friend, who rents out the apartment... and he said that they (those fucking assholes), dropped a cell phone.


what a fuckin' twit !

anyhow.. just thought I'd post some good news in what's been a rather unpleasant week.


also.. my buddy is getting better but they say he won't be able to eat meats and certain things.. his stomache or liver or something... it's messed. Dang.

also.. on a lighter note... I bought myself some Pez chapstick :)


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Re: amazing news...

Sorry to hear that Pat :(

Good thing your friend is doing better now.

Originally posted by fattyp

The same kind of moron who shoots someone for no reason.


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Great to hear about your friend and his improving condition. It just brings to my attention why I am a locking freak and lock everything everywhere I go for that very reason. You simply never know and although I'm sure he would normally lock his door, that one time is all it takes. Its happened to me once before, luckily I was simply robbed in my sleep (don't ask. :)). The one time slip up and don't lock the door, I get nailed for it.

Lock your shit up! To many crazy people in this world.
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I'm glad to hear your friend is doing better also.
I hope the police catch those morons.
My goodness what is the world coming too.

Pez chapstick?

Those two will get what they deserve.
I wish your friend a speedy recovery.



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i am very sorry to hear this, fattyp, but
i am glad to hear that he is recovering well,
and the suspect is most likely to be caught soon.

what i want to do is just to send this friend of yours and you some positive vibes..that's pretty much all i can do..

hey, fattyp, tell your friend that all the tribers are on your side when you get to go to the hospital next :)

i am pretty sure he will sense it either he may not be able to have communication with you.

i believe in energy that the minds hold :D




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quick change of pace...

this thread needs some piss n giggles...

so... to everyone who's thought a positive vibe or offered a hand or an ear... i just wanted to let you all know....



taco would want this..



Adam Duke

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Glad to hear he'll be alright and that the punks will will be caught.
Sorry you had to go through it, man.

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i just wanted to bump this
because I'm pretty ignorant towards this board
what with my snenanigans and hootenaney

but this is some serious shit and it pisses me off a lot when dumb fuckers pull garbage like this

i hope your friend is OK and those gun toting cowards get theirs

poker face

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I heard aboout this in the news and now just saw this thread.

Sorry to hear about your friend fattyp, it is low lives like these that destroy it for the rest of the people in this world.

Booty Bits

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its good to know your friend is gonna make it through!

speaking of stupid phone criminals,
the guys who broke into my parents' house last year actually used our portable phone to make a call while they were robbing our house.

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Hey FattyP,I don't know you but I just want to pass my best wishes on to you and especially your friend..It is great to hear he is doing better and hopefully things keep going along those lines..

This city is just getting crazy,way too many low lifes out there now a days..Hopefully the police are right and this guy will be caught soon because as FattyP said retaliation is just stupid because it never ends anything anyway..

Once again,my thoughts are with you