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A brand brand new *video* thread. (with videos)


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So nowadays, we all have fuck off digital cameras that are capable of taking some wicked videos.

Problem is, a 10s clip comes off my camera as about 60 megs. This is too big to post either to my website, or to email, or to attach here in this thread. (though I will post some big ones shortly)

Now, I 'have heard', that it is possible to download 120 minute DIVX porns that only take up 700megs... so clearly there is a way to get my 60meg digicam files down to something like 2 or 3 megs, without losing massive amounts of quality.

I have tried, in vain, to get and use a bunch of other utilities to compress/convert my digicam files to something more manageable, but all the utilities I get are either really amateur/unstable, or super complicated, and none of them seem to get the compression ratios that I know are possible (and common).

What do you recommend to simply and conveniently convert my digicam's AVI output to a reasonable, postable size? I'm sure this is something that lots of people here would like to do; it seems really weird that it isn't 'straight forward'.


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I dunno, but this is a good idea for all the youtube and google video threads to be combined!

hurray for cross topic threads... people can take artistic vids, and then I can post videos of me being a jackass! JUST LIKE THE PIC THREAD!
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