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A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)


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My Kiwi friend Anna who I haven't seen in almost 4 years came to visit me on her way back to the UK from New Zealand for a week to go riding...we went to Tremblant for last week and then finished off her visit with a mad night at System for Farina on Friday...best week I've had in awhile, we had a killer condo all to ourselves on the mountain, amazing conditions, some solid partying both at Tremblant and in the T - Dot...just a great week off...

Only way to start the day

Heading to the slopes day 1 - always love for UWO!

The board known as "Frank"

The walk to the mountain from the condo

Heading up the Cabriolet

Blacks only was the theme of the week

Away we go

stylin and profilin

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Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S

Where did you end up getting her from?

surprisingly from Petsmart. We were there to pick up all the necessities and checked out their adoption centre. All the times i've been there, they've only had older cats but this time they had a few kittens too. We fell in love w/ her immediately, totally smitten.

she's been hours of fun


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Originally posted by Cheer Bear
She's finally starting to resemble her Mommy:


ok. seriously. i'm done with the pregnancy. this is way to long. i want my baby already.

she's adorable. i just want to squish her!


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one dislocated shoulder and one hairy westjet snowstorm landing later, i'm back from alberta :D


kananaskis valley where our hotel was


me in nakiska, oblivious to the dislocated shoulder awaiting me


8 km walk back to the hotel, every day, twice a day

too bad i didn't take my camera up to sunshine village.... it sure was pretty up there
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