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a boring thread that is for no one else cause its personal and we cant have icq here


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yeah...are you the mangina mlut!? no! so get out!

so yeah...i was serious about that whole moving out thing last night....i was considering one of those shitholes near the taboo massage parlour but they cost like 5900$'s per month! for that shit hole!! no fucking way...

so when something cheap but better comes along i am not going to pass up on it.

the only thing i have to do is get my parents to see that for the sake of our relationship to not desintigrate it will be necessary for me to move out and then we can have time to our selves cause i think we just get in each others way and under each others skin way too much..and since everyday is a bad day for someone(mostly me) then it'll be taken out on others around so yeah...everyones pissed off...it happens all the time...some one is pissed and they scream...it rubs off on the other person...then onto someone else...then onto someone else...and then back onto the original person who is feeling better but then the cycle begins again...and laa laa laa .............


just have to figure out a way that i can leave without them being all "if you leave dont think about comming back fucktard!'

im sure i would have the sufficiant ammount of funds, so i am not worried about mopney.....i would have to make sure i have my G1 by then *cough*loser*cough*
and have to figure out how to get to school from there...do people who live around there even allowed to come here??

unless if i can schedual all my classes until after 1st and 2nd period...that'd be good...so even if there is no school bus i wouldnt have to worry about no way here....i could just take the GRT...

p |_ 8 o