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A bizarre request. Help?


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Recently a friend of mine recieved a strange phone message at 1 am which appears to be some British lady in some sort of dilusional state of rambling. She thinks that it is an 'actual' person calling. I say it sounds too staged, almost Shakespearan in nature.
Anyhoo, if anyone has heard this before (movie, play, whatever)PLEASE help us clear up this mystery.
It start's with..."Marjorie, it's your mother calling. I've been having those hallucinations about your father again." And carries on for some time uttering vulgarities about .."plugging up her vagina with wood, and going to hell etc.etc."

Any clues?
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Originally posted by nusty
*69 it.

no dice. It happened about a month and a half ago, and prolly would have been forgotten if it wasn't SO fucked.
I'll try to get the message posted.
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I would not dismiss the possibility of the woman being either schizophrenic or experiencing Alzheimer's induced dimentia. Sometimes people who suffer from these conditions can come up with stuff more bizarre than any work of fiction.

Just a possibility. Even IF the words are taken from a play or movie, you could still be dealing with someone who is mentally ill.

Of course, maybe you're dealing with a really creative and twisted prank caller.


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Mixmag used to have a hotline set up solely for the purpose of receiving calls from wacked out clubbers eager to talk nonsense. Every issue they'd print the more entertaining ones for their readership's enjoyment. If youre as easily amused as myself, it's pretty funny shit.

I'd love to hear a recording of this message.
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OK then...

...how would I be able to take a recorded phone message and get it online (ie. this thread) for you folks to listen to?
It's REALLY that fucked.

Baby step "me" through it.


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Abput two years ago, when I was still living with my family, the phone rang at about 4 am one night. My stepfather answered and the caller said "I need to speak to Allison. It's Dave---I'm in jail."

My stepfather ran to my room and brought me the phone. Dave was the name of my ex who'd broken up with about 8 months prior, so my stepdad assumed that's who it was.

When I got the phone, the person said "It's Dave---I'm all strung out on heroin and I'm in jail." I said several times "This isn't Dave, who is this?", as I knew from the voice that it wasn't Dave. The caller kept insisting that it was Dave, and finally hung up.

To this day I don't know who would have done such a thing. It really shook me up....

Lately some woman named Jeanette has kept calling collect (i.e. every second day). I don't know why she hasn't figured out yet that there is no one here that will accept the charges.


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Re: Strange

Originally posted by AdRiaN
I would not dismiss the possibility of the woman being either experiencing Alzheimer's induced dimentia. Sometimes people who suffer from these conditions can come up with stuff more bizarre than any work of fiction.

hey fawkwad, do you just ramble about things you dont know about just so you look intelligent?........................sometimes you should just shut the hell up


Jazzy Jeff

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Prank calls, Prank calls, all of em, prank calls! ...put a phone into a really drunken goof's hand and he'll come up with some pretty funny twisted shit on the spot...ahhhh the memories. or maybe not maybe it is serious but i doubt it. especially pretending you're someone's british schizo mother doing nasty shit to your dad... 100% immature fun :D your friend just happen to be the random number that got entered


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I once got this message: Hey, it's Sydney from downstairs. I've had some complaints about loud orgasmic sounds around 2am. You've really got to keep it down."
a)my super's name isn't sydney
b)wasn't home at that point in the night.
c)bought Armand Van Helden's 2Future4U a few months later and heard the EXACT recording at the beginning of a track

So, I was only tricked for a while...

-AdamAnt. P.I.
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Booty Bits

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hey junglisthead,

do you take everything so personally?

my grandmother had dementia and i have known several people who have suffered from alzheimers.
i do not delude myself into thinking that they are of sound mind and are completely coherent while suffering from dementia.

its called that for a reason you know.

i can only imagine that you feel personally offended by what Adrian said because a loved one of yours is suffering from something similar, but i can tell you, i have been in the same boat and what he said is the simple truth.


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One time, I and a friend were walking along Bloor near Varsity Stadium, and upon passing payphone, it rang.

Guy on the other end,"Hey, how you doin'?"

Me,"Not bad."

Guy,"Are you a raunchy partier?"

Me, stifling laughter,"Why, yes, of course I am."

Guy proceeds to give me an address, purportedly where there was some raunchy partying happening.


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First you'll have to get it onto your computer, probably in .wav or .mp3 form. Then find a webspace to put the file and then link it onto Tribe.