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99 Sudbury

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Dr Funk MD

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What an amazing night. I was reminded yet again why Ian Guthrie and Lee Osbourne are 2 of my absolute favourite DJ's in the city. I love it when they play back to back. There was some great pounding techno and then some even better glitchy tech-house. There were even fuckin' BREAKS! The best tracks of the night were that melodic tech number that Ian played at the beginning of his last turn on the decks (I think). He stopped the last record and just let this one play. Great change of mood. And the other was the last track that Lee played. It was flat out the most insane song I've heard in ages. 6 minutes of nonstop building up and up and up. Wild. (Also that Steve Bug track still rules.)

It was my first time out to this venue. It's a pretty cool place. Very old school wearhouse party vibe about it. The sound was pretty good for what is essentially a big box. Also big props to the Winamp visualizations.

Thanks to Vinder, Keith, Sean and Julie for letting me tag along to the house party early in the evening.
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it reminded me of the movie GO, awesome! sweet setup, big sound, and rocking beats! lee and ian played some wicked wicked wicked tunes! hard and dirty, just the way i like it! i will definitely be back for more.


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Another good party by Pulse!

those were some serious dark and dirty beats! Sitting near the speakers my entire body was vibrating hard from the bass. A little harder tunes than I usually go for, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

Props to Lee and Ian for making me dance to their tech-whatever you want to call it!

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Dr Funk MD

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^^^ I'm sure I saw winamp. oh well.

I was also reminded of another track I loved when a girl just walked into the room. She walk in. Into the room. The room in which she walked into....


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They should of used a better PC...I think it crashed like 3 times....
I've never seen a SCANDISK SCREEN that big hahah

Overall awesome PARTY!!!!!! I've seen the prettiest girl there that night.....I think my jaw is still somewhere over there..
and there were lots girls!!!

The Dj's were funk'in awesome!!! awesome dirty beats!!!
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It was awesome. There was enough space to dance, places to sit down, ins & outs, the music rocked & I bumped into quite a few people that I haven't seen in ages... Good times indeed....
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Aww..thanks Jonesy! I missed being there with ya!!

I'll be there on saturday for Mike "beat down" D!!

(should there be a roll call thread started yet?? huh?)

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I just noticed I can reply now in the review forum. (thanks Alex)

Anyways I had a great time as usual. Thanks to the pulse crew for having me back again. I think there are many good things in store for the future.