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90s house mixtapes + track ids


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hello tribers ;D

im going to be posting whatever tapes i can scrounge up that i still have on cassettes + posting them into this public discogs group with the hopes that people can get full tracklists assembled..

if u want to listen / download / help id some tracks / contribute some 90s mixtapes to the collection.. check it out!


like many people ive lost alot of my old classic favourite recordings over the years..
finding / remembering some old recordings..
for me, releases special oldschool memories <3
id like to be tapping into that original energy + enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bernnie Federko

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My records are in the locker while we reno... So, can someone tell me what the Todd Terry track is on his Freeze Records imprint that samples do ya think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart?