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9/11 redux n shit.


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I would just like all of you who did or currently do not think that the American government had anything to do with 9/11

P.S. Boss Hog, thanks for that CD, I just spent like 6 hours going through the material in sync with google fact-checking some of the info...fucking crazy. :eek:


"It's not about the oil."

Boss Hog

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hahaha no prob dude.

That's why I always go on about IF people do the research it's really fucking obvious and quite irrefutable.

Some people however, still argue against without having done much of the work.



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its a brainwashing cd, stay away from it

bush is you leader, wave the flag, sing god bless america,remember 9/11.

Do not fall under the trap of that evil cd,its actually a recording from bin laden himself, taped at one of hussiens palaces

so remember your either with us or against us

Boss Hog

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Originally posted by REMI XO
CD...this sounds interesting..

where does one acquire such a CD?

you can purchase the transcript or the tapes from Terry Burrows. tburrows@nospamidirect.ca (leave the nospam out obviously.)

It's a lecture of Michael C. Ruppert's U of T lecture in January 2002. "The CIA and 9/11" (it's really a lot more broad than that) For more info on Ruppert go to www.copvcia.com

*HIGHLY* recommended.
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