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80's Question: Some Kind of Wonderful

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
There's a scene where Eric Stoltz is sitting in a bar watching a band, hoping Amanda Jones will show up, when his drummer girl shows up instead.

What is the name of the song they are singing?

Someone must know.
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"Cant Help Falling In Love" by Lick The Tins

is this it ?

This is my favorite 80's movie!

I had the biggest crush on her....


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Do Anything - Pete Shelley
Brilliant Mind - Furniture
Cry Like This - Blue Room
I Go Crazy / Flesh For Lulu
She Loves Me - Stephen Duffy
Hardest Walk - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Shyest Time - The Apartments
Miss Amanda Jones - March Violets
Can't Help Falling in Love - Lick the Tins
Turn to the Sky - March Violets

Boss Hog

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I'm trying them all... it's not in the ones I have yet.

Why is stealing cheesy obscure 80's music so difficult.
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Google also told me: "It has a kick [butt] soundtrack, but however does not include Billy Idol's "Catch my Fall" and Charlie Sexton's "Beat So Lonely" which are key songs in the movie."

so it could be one of those, rump ranger.