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80's movie music....FUCK YEAH


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is there anything better???

car crash...80's montage music
gonna get laid...80's montage music
disaster at the sky slope....80's montage music

even nerds got revenge and ninjas got music!!!
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Sorry BBJ, anything 80's music is tribe trademarked by DG and myself.

But I'll give you a bit.

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Check out John Carpenter's Anthology - all his synth themes redone by he himself. I was told the live show recently at Danforth Music Hall was dope.

Real Genius had the masterstroke of scoring Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" to the end credit montage.
Revenge of the Nerds had Talking Heads.

Sweaty long haired saxophone dude in The Lost Boys and the Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome theme song ("We Don't Need Another Hero") was a turning point. Kenny G was the John Wick of saxophone music - murdering any kind of respectability it had left over.
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But yeah, movie soundtracks in the 80's were some of the best. Even the orchestral ones, like Basil Poledouris' soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian is some amazing work.

You could have an unspeakably shitty movie and still make a killing with the licensed songs alone.