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80's influences fashion and electro-tech

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by Technocratic Girl, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Technocratic Girl

    Technocratic Girl TRIBE Member


    Does anyone else think that this is money, or just a bad fad?
    80's electro is biggish
    it's fun to dance to
    ( Though it really can verge on cheesy, and I have seen it layed on thick in Montreal! [​IMG] )
    it can be mixed with techno well
    lots of djs in the last year (or probably longer- but that is when I started noticing it alot)have put some good tracks in thier live club mixing: Gaetano, Hawtin, Christian Smith, etc.

    the fashion is interesting:
    retro sneekers
    those hats that look like old grandfather hats- wool, plad or something with a viser at the front.
    pointy boots
    big belts
    digital/computer/atari/space themes

    What else?
    There's the bad stuff too: asid wash, bleach, puffy hair, spandex, heavy metal, florescent neon stuff...

    What tracks were good?
    I wasn't really around much then - so I have no clue!

    I have heard Blondie was big, and that now fashionable chicks sport mullets...? [​IMG]

    Let me know!
  2. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    all i gotta say is..

    International Deejay Gigilo's.

    good shit, but in moderation.


  3. Technocratic Girl

    Technocratic Girl TRIBE Member

    You're So right!
    I went to a release party in Montreal for them w./ a Dj I had never heard before: Dj Vitalic- and Dj Tiga djed as did Mighty Kat, and it was an 80's theme!

    We got buttons that said: I (picture of a heart) (-ie.Love) Neon.

    Isn't DJ HELL part of or owner of that label?
  4. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    ^^^ YES.

    It's bar none, the biggest electro label out there. Some of it is GREAT, but some of it is too 'song' based for me (ie. not layerable enough).

    Doing HUGE things in Europe though right now..

  5. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    ...and what i would pay to see Fischerspooner live!

    HOT DAMN!!!!

    (btw, i gotta say that I love the fashion aspect. People need to style themselves up more these days for going out! What happened to the flair at parties? Dressing up is fun, dammit!)
  6. Rob_Tech

    Rob_Tech TRIBE Member

    i think i'd give my left nut to see Fischerspooner live... yeah, definitely the left... [​IMG]

    Technocratic Girl: come out to the Electro nights at Bluedog on Sunday in MTL!!! The place is freakin' rammed, most popular night in that club if you can believe it. You'll see plenty of the 80's influence that's for sure. I just fucked up some of my khaki's on purpose, spent most of boxing day in Value Village, and am growing some shaggy hair...long live the 80s! [​IMG]
  7. The Truth

    The Truth TRIBE Member

    80's Electro/New Wave is to techno as 70's Disco/Funk is to House.
  8. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    it occured to me today in the car that modern electro, i.e. fischerspooner, is what my good old sisters of mercy (80's electronic-goth-industrial gods) would sound like if they were just getting started today, instead of in '81. that or if they could have possibly survived doing more speed than they did. [​IMG]
  9. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    This is the my biggest hang up with Electro because I lived through the whole '80s new wave to industrial to dance to house to techno movement(s). As far as dancing goes, Electro is great, but they're not doin' anything groundbreaking or earthshattering. Wereas the early house producers (DJ Pierre, Mr. Lee, Larry Heard) were, as well as the early Techno producers (Juan Atkins, CJ Bolland, Carl Craig). The shit the aforementioned came up with mesmorized me (a very difficult acheivement for any genra to do for me these days (Radio Head excluded)).

    I for one will not be sportin' a mohawk with bomber jacket, and 14 hole cherry docs or the pointy shit kickers, but, hey, I'm just one man. If I could get my hands on a cool pair of Le Cog Sportif shoes or track suit though...


  10. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member


    Derek, you're telling me that someone like Anthony Rother ISN'T doing something different with electro?

  11. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    I've heard some of his stuff, and it's very danceable and fun. Didn't he do a recent rmx of an old disco song "I feel Love" (not sure if that's title or chorus)? I think that he and other electro producers are talented, and even play some of it in my sets.

    It's kinda like the phase that house when through a couple years ago with all those filtered disco rmx's.

    I question it's longevity?

    Electro is fun to dance to, though. No doubt about that.



    P.S. I hear Antony Rother's been booked for Wintergalatic.
  12. Twix

    Twix TRIBE Member

    Just so ya know..... Fischerspooner's live sets are about 95% lip-synched. Still damn entertaining though!

  13. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Maybe, but their live sets are more about a performance than anything else!

    (check out www.fischerspooner.com to see what I mean)

  14. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    check out dopplereffekt...

    "I am a scientist...analyzing data"
  15. Technocratic Girl

    Technocratic Girl TRIBE Member

    I recommend Tiga's new American Gigolo cd. LOTS of electro-techno, and artists: linda lamb, dopplereffekt, tige and zyntherius, miss kitten and the hacker, vitalic, fisherspooner, etc.
  16. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter


    this record is/has gotten heavy rotation for the last 4 months...


  17. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    i know which song ur talking about

    it's in a laurent garnier set i have

    i can rip it if u want

    it's amazing .. disco/electro/techno/?

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