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80s atmospheric synth music help


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I'm looking to compile a bunch of synthy stuff from the 80s.

I'm talking about music akin to soundtrack and atmospheric material from that era like Tangerine Dream's 'Love on a Real Train' or Jan Hammer's 'Crocketts Theme'.

Anyone recommend anything?


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Japan's "Ghosts" is great, and has super extra bonus points for being seriously pillaged by the Metalheadz gang


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Lots more guitars than synths, and released on the Heat soundtrack in '95, but might be in the same vein as what you're looking for.


Bernnie Federko

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how about another mix from you for those of us who enjoy them

(and I'll take a look around my place for some synthy stuff you're after)


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Just the 80's?

Thinking in the same vein and what immediately comes to mind are:
Enigma - Delirium or The Voice of Enigma

Love Tangerine Dreams btw :)
I'll think on it.
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how about another mix from you for those of us who enjoy them

(and I'll take a look around my place for some synthy stuff you're after)
haha. I have a few in the pipe.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.

Nemesis: Not specifically the 80s, but stuff of the nature that i listed. :)

Dirty Girl

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ummm by atmospheric you mean no words? by akin to soundtrack do you mean not a soundtrack? cause I thought of a bunch of sountrack things. if nothing else maybe it will jog your brain to think of something.

and of course there is the very obvious:

and now im going to listen to Platinum Blonde, look what you've done.
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I've been inspired by what the Autonomic guys have been doing (Instra:mental, D-Bridge, ASC, etc).

There's been a trend of incorporating those 80s synths scores into modern dnb (the half-step sound). I love what they're doing.

Some examples:



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possibly my fave synth track of all time (possibly the best period):

Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4

it's actually a whole album, the same syth track is use throughout. it was sampled for sueno latino a few years later.

kraftwerk - numbers/computerworld - poppier than you may be lookin' for the the syth line in computerworld still can't be matched.

cabaret voltaire - sensoria

depeche mode - stripped

808 state - pacific

man parrish - hip hop, bee bop

paul hardcastle - rainforest

for some edgeyness (not so atmospheric)

personally there's nothing wrong with the grace jones original, but the normal did a bang up remix.

dg, you totally caught me off guard with your john carpenter call. i impress!


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nice :)

A few more examples of the vibe that i'm looking for:

the two tunes i mentioned in the first post:

I love the first two minutes of this tune so much. It's such a childhood nostalgic piece.


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And here is one of my secret weapons in my 12" bag - can't find the instrumental on youtube though, but the vocals are pretty sparse on the main mix: