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7th Heaven Reviews!


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Well...i arrived at Palais Royale to go check out Purple Heaven's latest installment last night, regardless of the fact that Mr Sakin and Suzy Solar werent gonna be there due to flight cancellations because of the New York tragedy. Trance parties these days are quite scarce if not almost EXTINCT in Toronto, AND its a PH party, so i was pretty enthused for this to say the least.

Decorations were awesome ( I love those 3-screens with the winamp style visuals)! Sound was great! (except if you got really close to the speakers then it was a pure high pitch sound which just SQUELCHED your ears), so i stayed back as much as i could.

The sets were pretty much all bang on, trance...*le sigh*...was the main thing being played with uk hard running a close second. The set of the night which got me moving the most was the TBK's own Chiclet! It was the first time ive ever really heard her spin a full set and i gotta say i was very impressed! I loved the tracks, i loved her on stage personna, and the mixing was pretty bang on most times! Great job! Other mentionables were Jason Marshall, but as people mentioned to me throughout the night, hes always fantastic so theres nothing new there. SOS was decent, but his set wasnt as great as i thought it was when he played at that "Still Dancin'" I-Dance after party though..he really blew me away then. Prophecy was good as well, he played Push's new "Legacy" track which i think is a great track! But very much like SOS, his last PH set i think was far superior!

As for the rest of the DJ's, i never really heard enough of their set for me to really comment on, so i wont!

Anyways, another great party filled with great locals! It would have been nice to see Sakin, but im sure Jason's already got that party in the works!
Another great time supplied by the PH crew! Cant wait for the next one!




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I walked in halfway into Chiclets set, and goddamn is was sick! I have never danced as hard as I did there. And with Unibomber following her, he sure as hell didn't dissapoint, and Jay Marshall....just as good. I was pissed that the full outside wasn't open, but what the hell are you gonna do? Overall, this was a very good party, considering Sakin couldn't make it.

five outta five for me!


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"go hard or go home"
couldnt of said it better myself

my first purple heaven
friends warned me...
but even with all my excitement
I was not prepared for the UNBREAKABLE vibe

NOTHING was bringing this party down (for me anyhow)

chicklet lifted us out of the dark
SO damn cute!
I've never seen a dj spin and liquid at the same time - Rrowrrr!!

unibomber slammed us back down *HARD* without mercy ...teased me with a 2 second assult of "dance like I do" before fully giving in a track later.

as usual Palais held it together nicely. best decorations I've seen there yet...

hrmmm... sketch much? I can't think of anything more to say right now... will post my pictures tomorrow



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its been a while since i've been to a trance party-and this one was a great one to pick it back up again. this party made me realize just how much I MISS TRANCE!!!!the vibe was absolutley amazing, i havent had this much fun at a party in god knows how long. we arrived for the begining of Chiclets set-i doubt there is a cuter girl spinning trance anywhere..and what a fabulous set! some hard stompy trance, with some nice melodies..UNABOMBER next-not a bad set, but i've heard him spin better,it was a bit too hard-even for him
..i dont remember the order of DJ's after this but i'll try..i believe Miss Money Penny was next..not bad, good tracks to dance to,clean mixing,although no fancy tricks..if that makes sense..next Jason Marshall-yes he spun a wikkid set as always-but this one was above and beyond, it was probably the most memorable set of the nite..i didnt stop dancing.well done Jason!OS/2:i think this set is the set that made my legs disfunctional..by the time i was done dancing i had to sit down..my muscles were all wobbley.. but it was sooo good though!!!then Impact from Ottawa, he spun good tracks, but it was too hard for this time in the morning i thought..too tired by then..i left just after Prophecy came on-my bed was calling me...

the crowd was ultra friendly, the vibe was wikkid, decorations were outstanding, a solid TBK showing..overall an outstanding party..minus the guy jerking off and attemtping to shit on the floor..who does that?

feisty boy

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SUNKIST:
minus the guy jerking off and attemtping to shit on the floor..who does that?</font>
wow, it really HAS been a while since your last trance party. seems you truly are out of the loop.
the real question is, who DOESN'T do that?
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Adam Duke

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Was there a second room? it seems like a lot of the dj's who were listed as part of the second room played....?


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there was no second room. i didn't wind up playing since some of the djs who were supposed to play in the second room were moved to the first room (impact, jason space, unabomber, and miss moneypenny w/sos).

sucks that you didn't get to play, adam. we were looking forward to seeing you guys.

congratulations to purple heaven to coming through and throwing a great party despite the difficulties.


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At the thought of an all trance party this weekend my stomach would clench up and I'd feel dizzy.

Well, I just can't find it within myself to hate that stuff anymore. Hell, you could even say i don't dislike Trance

Chiclet, I loved her traxx, all very interesting, one moving me to tears! (daylight) thanx for spinnin it to me.. I knew it was for me
seriously tho, this dj has a great stage presence, I coudn't keep my eyes off her (and it wasn't cuz she was wearing a tight shirt) Her energy and love for the music is contagious - you're ruining my junglist persona Muushka!

unibomber (wierd name...but I wont take it too seriously) was really good too.. I think he spun a track with a guy speaking the ellements (wind... fire...) but no one seems to know what I'm talking about so maybe I imagined the whole damned thing! hehe

all the dj's after them coulda been spinnin polka and I wouldn't have noticed - for I was feelin NO pain : )

Palais Royale is a freakin AMAZIN venue. I was really impressed with the layout and the PATIO WHAT! loved it. and I didn't have to wait to go pee once! I loved how the bathroom smelled like my cottage and the lady ravas kept it pretty clean! see, flushing isn't hard!

really nice security. makes the night a lot more injoyable.

thanx to the Purple Heaven crew and all my friends out last night for making a night of trance a shit loud of fun!

see ya @ the next one

shannon &lt; junglist ; )

Adam Duke

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Glad to hear the event went off so well! i was looking forward to seeing Shannon dance to TRANCE, but alas - another time! No worries, Beaker....we'll catch each other's set one of these days!

tech care,



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by feisty boy:
wow, it really HAS been a while since your last trance party. seems you truly are out of the loop.
the real question is, who DOESN'T do that?
guess i am outta the loop-look for me at the next trance party with my pants 'round my ankles..

i saw shannon dance to trance..it was so cute!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SUNKIST:
Originally posted by feisty boy:
wow, it really HAS been a while since your last trance party. seems you truly are out of the loop.
the real question is, who DOESN'T do that?
guess i am outta the loop-look for me at the next trance party with my pants 'round my ankles..

i saw shannon dance to trance..it was so cute!
You should see her give herself lightshow



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It's Monday, and I feel like PooP. So I'll be brief.

Palais Royale is indeed a nice venue, save for the shaky floor. Memories of a dance hall floor caving in. Patio outside was nice, convenient for puking over the railing (witness, not perpetrator).

Heard Chiclet spin, you were hype, girl. Love the red hat! Pleasure to meet you!

Haven't been to a Trance party in a while. It was a nice change, especially after this week.

Good job guys. Mission accomplished.

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liquiders (actually two people dancing in this pic


morning sunrise on the beach

wicked wicked party

despite all the people throwing up and various other accidents



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mingster:
Palais Royale is indeed a nice venue, save for the shaky floor. Memories of a dance hall floor caving in. </font>
Palais Royale is a very, very OLD venue, (its been around since i think the 30's/40's) and used to be an old ballroom. The actual dancefloor is actually spring-loaded so the bounciness you feel is not because of a shaky floor, but because there are springs underneath keepin it bouncy!!


Kid Epic

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Great job Purple Heaven!

This was the second Purple Heaven party for me and I must agree with everyone that it was a very memorable party with an amazing tight vibe! The lighting was fantastic and the sound was very clean from where i was!

Can't wait for the next one =:0)


Jason Marshall

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Hey Everyone,

My Review:

K, Well I'm not gonna Review my own Party

BUT I will review the DJs:

Favourite Set:


You absolutely rocked it! By far and away the coolest set of the night for me.
You blended hard and Epic Trance the way it should be done. Your enthusiasm for Djing beamed through!! I've never seen anyone soooo happy. It's an honour and pleasure to have you spinning at our Events!

Other Faves:

Unabomber: I'm a techno nerd in my spare time and well Mr HeadaBopper you did the trick for me.

Impact: Anyone willing to risk doing all that scratching and tricks when the needles were skipping so much deserves big props!

I have no complaints about anyone else but those three stood out for me!

Thank you (The Ravers) for making our Events what they are. Time and time again you bring such an amazing Vibe to Purple Heaven. You are our reason for putting on these Events and we are always so blown away by all of you and your enthusiam to have a great time! Thank you

We'd also like to give a big shout out to Susie :0) , Carlos at ACS, Marek at twelveinch.com, Prophecy, Unabomber and The Nightmare Crew ( Especially the Phenomenon "DJ TOYS" ), Mona, Sparkles, Numb, Ice and TRIP, Brad, Chris and the Serenity Crew, SOS and the one and only Miss Money Penny, Artero, Lilly, Lyphe and TRraves Crew, OS/2 and Alisa, CDP's Chris and Eric, Kamikaze, Beaker, The Dukes, Saint Pete, Keiron and Farah, Mark, Jason Space, Dj Jet, Impact and All of the Crazy Sudbury Crew!!! Ana at Kingston Raves, Vibez, Marcel, Chiclet, Kid Epic, At At and the Ganjasmile gang, Saskatchewan, Opal, Nikki at MS-1 for creating the best Security company by Ravers for Ravers! Sarah and Mark, Dina and most of all our Angels without whom we 'd be lost!

The next Event is Friday November 9th 2001!

Hope to see everyone there!

Peace, Jason

As for the whole Saint Pete situation:

We needed to make room for some Techno and Hard House in the main room at the last minute and asked Pete if he was cool with it and big props to him he was. We will definitely be seeing Pete at PH very soon so stay tuned for details!

@m, sorry
Just we had two headliners Impact and Jason Space to accomodate so someone had to be left out. We will make it up to you guys!

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Muh apologies and deepest regrets for not showing up that night! I remember a lot of fast driving all night, but it sounds like the party was even more fun...

I'm definitely not missing the next one!!!!



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Well... what can I say?

I had an amazing time

Everyone I talk to says Purple Heaven throws some the best parties in Toronto with the tightest vibe.

The energy of everyone totally rubbed off on me. It was so exciting I nearly jumped through the ceiling! You people rock
Thanks so much for coming out to the party.

Jason, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a wonderful crew. Toronto is lacking in promoters like you.

Shannie, Dan, Darren, Shane, everyone... I hope you all had a wicked time.

Shannon says she "likes" Trance now


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ahhh purple heaven, you never disappoint! i wasn't supposed to go to this party, but the thought of spending another saturday NOT partying made me get off my ass and buy a ticket. (ps. i bought my ticket in advance at hustler in oakville for 30 bones. door price was also $30. whats the point?? oh well. hustler sucks) so, i'm so glad i ended up going!

walked right into chiclets set. like many others, i've never seen her spin- but holy shit! wicked set, awesome selection, and that girl has energy! way too cute.
and as for the palais- i love this place. i think its going to be THE venue for this year, much like tropicana circa summer of 2000.....
i am sort of annoyed after reading all these references to the patio. the doors were closed- i assumed the patio was closed! doh. i can't believe i missed patio action! oh well......the place looked awesome though, decor and lighting were nice, and not cheesy.

unabomber and miss money penny threw down pretty cool sets as well.......basically no complaints in the music department while i was there.......the only low light of the evening was in the "bar" &lt;----dare i call it that??? when some asshole was being a dick and saying shit about my friends and i cuz i had pigtails and we had bracelets on. yeah PLUR to you too asswipe. why do people like that insist on ruining the vibe (momentarily) for the rest of us? and funny- you always find them in the bar......told him to fuck off and went back out on the dancefloor......whatev......

anyway....left around 4 or so. pure tired. so thanks again purple heaven for an awesome night. i'm looking forward to nov. 9th.

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