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7 Fisher @ System

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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That was my response to everyone at System last night. You see, I decided to show up wearing my red number Roots shirt with a big white number 7 on the front of it. Get it..Cevin/Seven!? Ok...so I am kinda a goof, but also a fan of this DJ. It was another fun filled action packed night.

Dino and Terry warmed things up fairly nicely. Although they aren't my favourite opening DJ's, some new tracks were dropped and the BPM's were up to speed where they should be. I'm sure if they ever met me they would want to kick my ass as I complain about them so much. The place wasn't too packed....but the vibe felt as though the people who came to see Mr. Fisher knew what they were in store for.

"BLOW SHIT UP" was the shirt that Cevin was wearing.....and that he did indeed. The tracks that were played on the 1200s behind the plexiglass were just unfuckingreal. I heard everything.....tribal, trance, booty house, progressive, techno....All of these sounds were not rolled into one sound. Instead, each track shifted from genre to genre until I just didn't know what was coming next. Every mix felt like a surprise. Each mix was solid. Every new track felt as though I was receiving a real treat....And then thoughts started run wild in my head as I thought of days past when I first heard Cevin at Industry. With my blood stream awash with alcohol it sure as heck felt like I was at Industry.

Mesmorized by da beats, I made my way to the front of the stage to see him up close. Tonight it's very dark and I can bearly see him as the tiny white lights from the three turntables provide some illumination. People are groovin'.....jackin'.....bobbin'.....hustlin'. Cevin has mastered art of movin' butts. *Sigh* My butt is starting to get tired....but I just can't stop. I can't stay still...So I ain't gonna fight it!

Highlight of the night had to be watching Mark James and Evil P, in awe of Cevin, giving up their soul to the rhythm.

Peace Party People

(I have not yet BEGUN to party)


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good tunes.....
lots of phenomenal remixes, lots of variety, hard and fast, slow and funky.
A few questionable things....what sounded like the record skipping, not really sure what that was....


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Wicked, wicked, wicked night!!
Mike Drury was awesome in the VIP room too....
I had the best time

OLM from HOM

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Another late review ...

Went for my friend's birthday party, and they were all first timer's at System. The plan was to hit the bar until it closed, and then head over to the dance floor to dance it up to Cevin's beats. I was dead tired, running on 1 hour of sleep since the night prior I had found myself leaving System @ 7:45am, and then heading to work shortly thereafter. I would've preferred to take them to a Breathe night but most of them need their sleep before going into work on a Saturday. Otherwise, they were impressed with the club, the music, and the atmosphere, as was I. Cevin really played a good set of house and progressive, with some funky elements intertwined with some of the tracks. He also played numerous vocal tracks, that were equally good. Didn't catch the end of his set, but from what I had heard, I left with a big smile. I slept like a baby that night.

Any other big names coming to BANG anytime soon?
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