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60 Minutes for Canadian Immigration


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Canada tarred again as haven for terrorists

From Friday's Globe and Mail

Canada will once again be painted as a terrorist haven when the widely watched television news show 60 Minutes tells Americans this Sunday that their northern neighbour has serious problems in its immigration system.

The exposé is the latest headache for the federal government, which has been battling fears that terrorists are entering Canada and are poised to slip across the border to attack.Since the Sept. 11 attacks, Ottawa has been working overtime to assuage such concerns. But much of this work threatens to be undone by two outspoken former civil servants from Canada.

The CBS show, which draws 16 million American viewers each week, relies on former spy-service official David Harris and former immigration czar James Bissett, who both complain of being Cassandras whose public warnings have long gone unheeded in Canada.

On 60 Minutes, Mr. Harris says there is a horde of terrorist groups in Canada — including al-Qaeda — and jokes that "Canada has everything for the discriminating terrorist."

Mr. Bissett, meanwhile, rips into the country's refugee system, which he has long regarded as a fundamentally flawed "charade" that has been defrauded by many asylum seekers, including terrorists.

On the show, Deputy Prime Minister John Manley says Canada's system is not fail-safe, but is improving. He points out that most Western nations have problems with terrorists lurking among them, including the United States.

In the days after Sept. 11, some U.S. reports said the hijackers crossed into the United States from Canada. But subsequent investigations determined all 19 of the men accused of being involved were in the United States legally at the time of the attacks.

Terrorists, however, do reside in Canada. A number of terrorists or alleged terrorists have lived here, most prominently Ahmed Ressam, a refugee claimant and al-Qaeda operative who came close to bombing the Los Angeles airport before U.S. authorities caught and convicted him.

Even so, 60 Minutes isn't simply singing Blame Canada. In an ongoing series concerning terrorist threats, the news program recently ripped into the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service over terrorism concerns.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Manley acknowledged Thursday that 60 Minutes asks tough questions, but dismissed the immigration criticisms as old news. She said Canadian critics have long been beating the same drum.

"I don't think it's entirely helpful when some of our strongest critics are Canadians," Jennifer Sloan said. "It's unfortunate that the media go back to the same old two or three guys."

Canadian Alliance defence critic Leon Benoit disagreed. "Don't blame the messenger," he said, citing inaction by the federal government. "Blame the people responsible."

If Canada gets a black eye on 60 Minutes, it's not necessarily a bad thing, Mr. Benoit said. "We have been hammering away at this for literally nine years. . . . Why the hell hasn't the government responded?"

Along with the Canadian Alliance, the two former civil servants have long faced governments unreceptive to their arguments. Having left their most prominent government posts more than a decade ago, the two men now frequently appear as pundits in news stories and opinion pages.

Since at least 1993, journalists have tapped Mr. Harris's expertise as a former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Mr. Harris, who says he can't reveal exactly when or how long he was with CSIS, tells 60 Minutes that 50 terrorist groups — including Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network — are operating in Canada.

Recent CSIS reports have suggested the same thing. However, CSIS director Ward Elcock urges people to quote this number in context, saying that "few of those groups or individuals pose a threat of direct terrorist attack in Canada or, indeed, to our closest neighbour."

Mr. Elcock says that most groups here act to support terrorist causes abroad. Canada's multicultural makeup means the country has more terrorist groups than any other nation, "with perhaps the singular exception of the United States," he has said.

Mr. Bissett, meanwhile, was head of the Canadian Immigration Service from 1985 until 1990.

During that time he helped draft legislation that gave birth to the current refugee determination system, which he now decries as a system rarely used by bona fide refugees. The problem, he says, is a last-minute and catastrophic watering-down of the law by the Progressive Conservative government of the day.

Mr. Bissett has been a tireless and often controversial critic since leaving the public service. On the program, he describes how Canada's refugee system has recently let in 2,500 immigrants from what he calls "terrorist-producing countries" such as Algeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan; "most of them," he says, "we don't know who the hell they are."

Anyone else catch the irony? :rolleyes:


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we wouldnt be a so called save haven for terrorists if the fukin americans werent hatted by every other fukin country in the world. If say, any other free-country bordered the "highly hated" USA, they would be blamed just the same. FUCK off America, I dont want to be beside you, dont want to be known as your "lil brother" and dont care for your president, beer, corruption or week weed!!! Quit scape-goating us and take responsibility for your own actions. Quit trying to brainwash the rest of yer drones, aka citizens, and tell them what you have been hiding from them all along!

rant over,


p.s. i was too angry to read the whole article, pardont my ignorance....i blame it on america...

Lit'l Jalapeno

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I'm so fucking sick of 60 Minutes! Such blasphamous propooganda. Last week they had an expose on how good the school system is for children that live on military bases in the states. Complete with a woman stating that she would enlist just to get her kids a good education.

Time to replenish their army I guess.

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Originally posted by Lit'l Jalapeno
I'm so fucking sick of 60 Minutes! Such blasphamous propooganda. Last week they had an expose on how good the school system is for children that live on military bases in the states. Complete with a woman stating that she would enlist just to get her kids a good education.

Time to replenish their army I guess.


I'm a dual citizen of Canada and the US (born and rasied here in Canada though). I was just recently mailed a letter posted in the NYtimes stating that many US officials were thinking of re-instating the draft policy. It will probably not come to this, but there are those out there that feel the military needs more compasion and apparently the best way to do that is to make all young men have sentimental attachements to it, by making it a mandatory part of their growing up. I think that this is sick and the last thing the US needs is more buzz cuts and GI Joe attitudes.


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Originally posted by Lit'l Jalapeno

Time to replenish their army I guess.

It’s funny that during the Cold War, Americans were (obviously) anti-communism. BUT the US Army is the EPITOME example of communist theories applied. “One Hit, One Kill”. Blah. :confused:


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As a terribly long time viewer of 60 Minutes, pardon me in my attempts to defend it.
Sometimes, issues, no matter how distasteful and no matter how much people dont want to listen to must be addressed from time to time...Any of you who have seen The Insider now first hand how hard 60 Minutes fought to get the Wigant interview on television (after many attempts by CBS to block it..) and that this interview, *almost* single handedly, brought about the deluge of lawsuits against tobacco companies and thereby gained billions of dollars to states who spent it on medicare and the like through treating ill smokers. This is but one example of 60 Mins. ability to "change the world" as it were...Not that tobacco companies aren't still around and kicking.
If Canada does indeed have lax immigration laws and an all too porous border it should be indeed changed in order to prevent other atrocities.
As for blaming it on the Americans...Pfft. Our lax laws have nothing to do with America.
We really need to stop blaming the US for everyone's (read: OUR) problems and recognize that we ourselves may be responsible for the difficulties as well.

Just a thought.


Bernnie Federko

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Indian visitor-visa rejections soar as fraud rises

Refusals on visitor-visa applications from India due to fraud and misrepresentation are soaring, which Ottawa and immigration experts say is in part due to unscrupulous “ghost consultants.”

Data provided by the federal government show that the percentage of refusals due to an applicant misrepresenting themselves – through fraudulent submissions, for instance – has nearly tripled. In 2017, 0.9 per cent of all Indian visitor-visa rejections were for misrepresentation; from January to May this year, the number jumped to 2.5 per cent.

In response to the increasing number of refusals for Indian applications, the federal government rolled out an information campaign in June targeting Indians applying for visas.
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